Advertising on LinkedIn

Advertising on LinkedIn – All You Need to Know?


Advertising on LinkedIn

Targeting is the most important factor in advertisement and it differs on various platforms. For instance, on Facebook, you may not find professional details of people but on LinkedIn, you will. As a digital marketing expert, you must know that the audience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media are different.

LinkedIn advertising is different than any other advertising because LinkedIn is a place of professionals and you should cut straight to the point meaning there is no need to write long posts looking to draw people into your creative or copy. Fun-loving ads will not work here, but on Instagram, it will. Having said that, let us explore why advertisement on LinkedIn is beneficial for advertisers.

On other social media, people don’t put much information about their work but on LinkedIn, they will. So, if your ads have a professional appeal, you need a platform full of experienced people, freshly graduates, or interns. Here targeting options also differ from other platforms. Age, gender, demography are the general targeting options, other than these you have other targeting options based on-

  • Size of the company
  • income level
  • professional level
  • Type of occupation
  • Skill
  • Seniority, etc.

Other benefits of advertising on LinkedIn-

Wide Targeting Options

If you have advertised on other platforms, you must know the general targeting options and strategies. In LinkedIn, you can run sponsored posts and sidebar ads, carousel ads, etc.

Advertisement on LinkedIn is unlike running ads for e-commerce. The goal of an e-commerce site is conversion. In LinkedIn, the focus is more on brand awareness and lead. Here you offer to sign of newsletter or letting them know about your service through sponsored ads. For instance, there is a course to upgrade skill for better opportunities-you can either run ads offering newsletter sign-ups or focus on brand awareness with sponsored posts.

Increase Click-through Rates

When you deliver the correct message to the right person, proposing a solution, chances are that the person may get connected with you. LinkedIn offers in mail ad type, using features of which you can design a personalized message for effective targeting.  This method is highly successful to increase click-through rates.

Earn Lead

LinkedIn has known a better platform in the matter of lead generation. The benefit of being a LinkedIn ads expert is that you can generate interest in new viewers effortlessly.


There are innumerable benefits of working on LinkedIn. For any professional advertisement, LinkedIn is an appropriate platform but it could be put to use for another kind of advertisement as well. However, using casual language here can inhibit your ad performance. Words used by a LinkedIn advertising expert in its post or ads are different than used by an Instagram ads expert. If you can manage to write things while maintaining the etiquette of the platform, even casual ads will perform well. For instance, ads that encourage products to look more presentable, to avoid body odor, etc. can also work on this platform.

The nitty-gritty of the point is you don’t need to restrict your ads if you can play with it.

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