Benefits of Choosing Google Premier Partner for Your Business

Benefits of Choosing Google Premier Partner for Your Business


Benefits of Choosing Google Premier Partner

Every business owner aspires to achieve his or her goals. Today, digital marketing is a ladder for remarkable growth and digital marketing agency support. Indeed you will achieve everything if your ladder is not cracked. Even a small crack can give you a great fall. The fall is even more painful when you have climbed up far. Many businesses have failed despite wonderful ideas because their support was not wrong. This may happen with anyone but the reason is ignorance.

Little knowledge is dangerous, especially in digital marketing. When you are on a hunt to find a digital marketing agency (your support), you search for Google ads expert, SEO experts, social media marketing, etc. Amazingly, you know all this but it is too little to know in today’s era. Every other agency is Google ads consulting and SEO experts are available at every nook and corner.

When you are searching for Google ads expert one considerable thing is Google partnership. Whether the person serving you is Google partner or not? You are bound to check for it because you have to invest lakhs of budget to that agency.

Basically, there are two levels of Google partners- Google partners (blue color badge) and Google premier partner with (red color badge). There are more than 2000 Google partners and around 89 premier partners in India. Depending on your budget you can choose either of them. Premier partners may charge higher than Google partners due to the difference in the level of performance. There are many advantages to work with them-

  • Result-Oriented Campaigns

Any Google partner must have passed a certification exam. They have enough ideas about designing effective ad campaigns as per your business needs like traffic, leads, conversion, etc.

One needs to be an expert in PPC (pay-per-click), a method to run ad campaigns.PPC offers options for targeting based on demography, age, gender, interest, etc. Certified people are experts in utilizing the available set of options that make it result-oriented. Uncertified people may run your ads but those ads are not result-oriented.

  • Updated with Latest Changes

Getting Google’s certification is not a single time process. Companies need to go for the recertification process. It ensures that the company is updated with the latest information on changes adopted by Google.

Google wants to serve the best to its users. It redefines its features to put it in a better way. If you know these changes, you can use it in your ad campaigns to make it more effective.

Google helps companies to learn by providing training in the latest updates.

  • Direct line of Communication with Google

Your ads are running on Google’s platform so you get a direct line of communication with Google. If there is a malware attack on your ads or any other issue, you can fix it with Google. Otherwise, it is very difficult to contact Google to fix your problems. In business, you can’t afford to waste a single day but working with Google premier partner can save you a lot.

  • Access to Beta Features

Beta features are features that are in the process of testing. These new features are available for general use after successful testing.

Google’s premier partners get the opportunity to work with those features. You get an edge over your competitors.

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