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How to hire a freelancer for Google Ads

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If you are planning to hire a freelancer for Google ads consulting, you need to be very selective. A minute mistake in judging a person can ruin your business. If you don’t want to waste your money on a stupid decision, you need to read this one.

You need a budget to hire a freelancer because you are not going to blindly hire any random available person. So if you are ready, here are a few suggestions-


Any serious freelancer has at least Adwords certification. There are two AdWords exams- a fundamental exam that contains the basics of AdWords. Another is the advanced search exam. Both the exams require rigorous and deep study. You need to maintain good performance for at least 12 months to get Google partner status. So your freelancer should have at least certification at the fundamental level. However, you should approach a digital marketing strategist  with the status of Google partner for a more professional approach.

Check their online reviews

In order to do so, you must know how to check their online review. You can visit their profile on the freelancer website. There people have already given their experience of working with that person.

  • positive rating
  • reviews

If they have less than positive ratings and 1000 reviews that means they have more than 100 bad reviews. If they have more than a 97% rating, you can consider working with that one after reading reviews. You can try working with fresh freelancers because they bring innovative methods to achieve things.


This is quite obvious that a freelancer will charge less than any Google ads expert  in any agency. But you should compare charges offered by various freelancers. You can filter the name of a few freelancers based on ratings and charges. This is quite obvious that a person with the higher rating will charge high but there are a lot more things to look before moving to a final conclusion.

Previous projects

Have a glance on their previous projects. How many clients they have worked with in past? What type of business it was? Was the process smooth? Also check the industry type. Whether they have experience of working in your niche? Things can be worked out even if the ratings are not that impressive but the person has experience of working in your business type.


Any serious freelancer will dedicate some time in uploading report on his website. If they have a website, check whether they have uploaded any report. Or you can directly ask them for the same. A genuine person will take your words seriously.


Approaching a freelancer is a nice step if you don’t want to spend much on your projects because agencies charge a lot more than a freelancer. But you need to have an extra pair of eye in order to a genuine person for your work. You must make sure that whosoever you are choosing has experience of setting and managing ads campaigns effectively because that is the whole purpose for us.

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