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How Social Media Evolved as New E-Commerce Platform ?

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Social Media as the New E-Commerce Platform

When social media first joined the Internet, brands tried to figure out how to use the platform for customer acquisition, using brand pages, social-only promo codes, and social listening to help with this goal.

Marketers’ use of social media has evolved.

First of all, With around 93 per cent of millennial’s spending regular time on top rated social networks, online business is now spreading to web-based social networking channels. As mobile browsing and buying turns out to be more standardized. It is presumable that this pattern will keep on growing in the year 2017. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest officially empower users to buy items specifically through their mobile applications, with Snap-chat proposing to take action accordingly soon. Users believe their social networks, and they are going to them on the hunt for new, intriguing content and potential buys.

Social Media


Twitter offers the option of a “Buy Now” button in tweets, so you can purchase without leaving the app.


While Instagram is integrated with Shopify.


Pinterest allows for buy-able pins.


Similarly, Tumblr includes the option for a “buy” button.

Some Facts

In fact, 59% of consumers in the US say customer service through social platforms has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved. According to an info-graphic by product review and coupon site Facebook allows transactions via Messenger Payments. So, it is quite clear that it will influence the social media environment in multiple ways. It is considered that its impact will specially be significant on Web-based business stores/ e-commerce stores in 2017 and onwards.

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