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How to Set Up New WiFi Extender


Set Up New WiFi Extender

The internet is coming up with new things every day and it’s become so important to keep pace with everything that appears. For that reason, we’ve got so many options in the form of software, tools, and devices that make it easy for us to improve our online experience better with more convenience and security. One of such devices is wireless extenders.

A new WiFi extender setup is an essential step to make your WiFi work better. It is a device that widens the range which a WiFi network covers. Now the question arises, “why do you need to widen your WiFi range?”

A router can send WiFi signals to only a limited area which is not beneficial in modern-day times. Today, we prefer portability while working online, for example, while making a video on YouTube or working on a freelancing project. A WiFi extender makes it easy for users to freely sit and move in any room or area of their house.

Here, we give the complete procedure with which one can perform a new Netgear extender setup.

How to Set Up New WiFi Extender

Setting up a new WiFi extender is an easy process. All you need is proper information. Here’s how to execute the procedure:

  • Connect your Netgear extender with power supply and turn it on
  • Wait till the LED light on the top turns Green
  • Turn on your computer and open a browser
  • In the address bar, type net and enter into the URL
  • The first screen that appears now is the NETGEAR Genie setup page
  • Hit the button New Extender Setup
  • Now, it’s time to register for a new account if you don’t have an account with Netgear already. Fill in the form and click on Next
  • On the next page, click on the button WiFi Range Extender
  • Choose your router which you want to connect with your WiFi booster
  • Hit Next
  • Type your WiFi password if any and hit Next
  • Now, in a few minutes, your Wireless range expander will connect with your WiFi. This is when it will ask you to set a name and password for your extender
  • Once done, hit Next and then hit Continue

How Does a WiFi Range Extender Beneficial?

WiFi range extender has become a necessity in the modern age. The reasons are simple.

It sends the WiFi signals to those corners of the house which were earlier dead zones (those areas where WiFi signals are weak or nil). This means you can use the internet from anywhere in the house or workplace.

Netgear WiFi extender setup not only reaches the areas that are inside a building but it also widens the network range outside, i.e. in the garage, swimming pool area, driveway, etc.

There are many price ranges available that vary due to the features each has to offer. Hence, it suits all budgets.

The WPS Push features make it easy for the user to connect easily with the network without going through a long process.

You can combine mesh extenders and Internet routers ( click for support ) WiFi extenders to double the impact it has on the WiFi network.

If you want, you can select a dual-band device which lets you use the excellent range of the lower frequency and the excellent speed of the higher frequency.

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