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How to write meta description of a website

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How to write meta description of a website

Today, I would like to write a very important optimization method for SEO, which is to optimize a website’s key page by using meta description method.

But we are here to describe, not just meta description, description is just one of them. We mean that some areas of the website that need to be optimized for text content, we recommend a descriptive SEO optimization method.

For Example

For example, the optimization of the title of a web page is actually written as a descriptive content of a phrase containing keywords. I think it is better than a simple keyword listing.

For another example, we sometimes list some keywords that the homepage should optimize at the bottom of the homepage. In fact, this approach can be changed to integrate these keywords in a paragraph, rather than simply listing these keywords.

Summary Section

In addition, there will be a summary on some article pages. However, if we optimize this general content, most of it is a paragraph taken from the main body of the article. In fact, if the optimization strategy is done in detail. This piece of content can also be written in combination with keywords, which will also be on the current page. SEO has a lot to help.

There are also many pages, such as column pages, such as Tag pages, e-commerce sites, various pages with multiple texts, and special pages, which can add a few paragraphs or reasonable descriptive content to these pages. These content all contribute to the optimization of web pages.

Google strategy

Sometimes we carefully designed and write meta description of the content. While we found that Google  did not capture the content of the description, but ran to capture a paragraph of the description of the text on the page. I believe this situation, we often see. I don’t know what strategy Google is. Compared to Google, it will be more stable to capture the content of the description. In the case of Google , we may have to set up a few paragraphs of text description content on the website or on the webpage.

Therefore, what we are talking about here is based on the content of the text of the whole station is optimized by the method described. Moreover, this is the same as the method of optimizing the title of a web page. It is more valuable if it can be optimized in a personalized and non-repeating manner for each web page. Don’t do that kind of fixing a copy file format in the template, and then call the whole station page uniformly. This approach is very low value for keyword optimization.


Then, finally, I would like to strongly recommend that these types of pages are to add descriptive text.

The important pages are:

  • the topic page,
  • the column page,
  • the Tag page.

The potential for ranking pages on the topic page is still very high. It is reasonable to add some descriptive text content to help optimize the content of the topic page. Moreover, the topic type page itself is based on strong relevance content to obtain ranking improvement.

The opportunity to get a ranking on the section page is also very large. The section page will have a fixed link for a long time in the navigation bar of the website, so it gets a higher weight. Adding meta description text to the section page can also help to improve the ranking of the section page.

Finally, the Tag page, it is better to set the text description content to the Tag page.

This technique can be expanded as much as possible, and text descriptions can be used as much as possible in textual descriptions.

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