10 Things to know before hiring android developer

10 Things to know before hiring android developer


10 Things to know before hiring android developer


In this era where almost every field is dominated by technology, having a mobile app for yourself is the best way for your business growth. With the help of a mobile app, you can easily reach a wide range of audiences that too just with a few clicks. The ever-growing popularity and accessibility of this portable device are one of the reasons behind the growth of the mobile app development company

While talking about mobile apps there are platforms like Play Store, App Store or windows. You can easily launch your app on any of these three platforms.

But Android, Google’s mobile operating system takes lead in the market with 81% market share. Naturally, with this huge exposure, android apps are widely famous and are granted to be one of the best media for your apps. With a successful launch, proper monitoring and regular update of your app, you can easily attract a loyal base for your business.

As said earlier, the app market is gaining its popularity each day and when you launch your app you are going to face a wide range of competitors. Hence, to expand your business successfully with the help of an app, you need to develop it in a way that will be friendly, loved by your customers and will be able to solve their problems.

To develop a good, profitable app for your business, you need to hire a good developer that can serve your requirements with their expertise.

A few things that you need to know before you hire an app developer are listed here.

  • Define Requirements

The market for app development is diverse. Similarly, different industries and causes have different requirements. So to build a good app the first thing that you need to keep in mind is, you know can define your requirements well to your developers. For that, you need to understand your target audience and their requirements better.

Try to list down the things you want to have in your app and the things you don’t want to see. For example, try to figure out if you require external IoT hardware, AU (Augmented Reality) and VU (Virtual Reality) or an app that can communicate with the backend.

While developing an app, do not forget to pay proper attention to app security. An app with proper security features is always dear to the consumers.

  • Developer’s knowledge of the industry

Just defining your knowledge won’t be enough to build a successful app until and unless your chosen developer has sound knowledge on your target market.

Every market has its unique styles and their requirements change based on that. So a developer that is excellent in one market place unskilled for another market place. So when going to a developer, try to know if they have sound knowledge about your market and audience or not.

Without knowing a market place, their audience, about their demands, and latest trends none can build an app that will be suitable for them. So you need to always make sure that your developer knows your market well and is well aware of its trends.

  • Run a Check on Their Portfolio

When you decide on your app developer, do not forget to run a proper background check on them. This not only lets you have a deeper insight into their history but you also get to know about their capability.

For this, tools such as Google Search, Quora, LinkedIn might be of great help to you. Through these sites, you can get to know their details as well as read the reviews from their past clients. Try to go through the reviews using these sites and you will have better insight into their experience and capability.

Always make sure to for the reviews from the clients who belong to the same industry as you do. This will let you know how well do they perform for your industry and how satisfied the clients are for their work.

  • Check Play Store Rating of the Apps Built by them

While you select a company, do not forget to run a brief checking on the apps that they have built earlier and how well they are performing on web stores. At the same time check for how frequent do they update their apps and how sharp they are.

Try to go through the user reviews on those apps as for any business the customers are always the best reviewers.

  • Expertise on Your Desired Platform

As mentioned earlier there is more than one platform for app launching. So before you launch decide on your developers make sure they have expertise on your desired platform.

For different platforms, developers need to follow different ways and different mechanisms. So one mechanism that is applicable for one platform might not be required for the other platform. So if you are going to ask for an Android app, make sure they are well experienced in making them.


  • Communication

To build an app that can match up to your expectation, good communication between you and the developers are always needed.

So before choosing a developer, ask them what kind of involvement from your side is acceptable for them. And how if any kind of changes are welcome for them during the process.

All these things are needed to cause the whole app development process is very long. Even though you make a prototype based on your requirements and expectations still you might need changes during the period at any point in time. It’s always better to be sure on your part earlier if they are open to such changes.

For that, you can prepare a schedule on how frequently you need an update from them on the progression of the app. This will not only help you to keep track of the work but having a scheduled structure will help the developers as well to know when you will be needing your next report and they can prepare according to that.

  • Timeline and Punctuality

When you choose for a developer to work on your app it will be completely wrong to think that they’ll be working on only your app during the period. Just like any other firm, even they will have multiple projects to handle at the same time so it is always safe to be sure about the timeline on your part.

Before deciding on the project make sure how long it will take them to build your app and till when you can expect your app to be delivered. Do not forget to make sure if they have enough manpower to meet the deadline even in a difficult situation.

  • Knowledge About Open Source Platform

Before you decide on a developer be sure if they are familiar enough with open source libraries. Being an open-source platform Android provides developers the flexibility to develop apps that suits users’ needs and requirements. Hence, the app developers must be well aware of the open-source libraries.

  • Post Launch Services

The job of an app developer does not end with the launching of an app. There might be issues such as bugs or site crashing that arises after the launch. For a responsible developer it is expected, that will be keen to fix any kind of issues that might appear after the launch and that too without any extra charge.

So when you decide on a developer for your app, be clear about their post-launch services.

  • NDA 

NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreements are made to keep your business details secured and protected from any third party infringement. So, before you sign a developers team or a company for your app, don’t forget to sign a Privacy Agreement with your developers. By doing this, you can secure your confidential business information.

At the same time sign legal documents on the ownership of the issued code for your app. Cause, when developers issue a code for your app the right of that code must belong to you. Make sure to stay clear on this field to avoid issues in the future.


To build a successful mobile app , finding an appropriate app developer is difficult but very much important. So, while choosing to decide on a team that can fit in all your requirements and will be available to deliver the best according to your needs.

While choosing a developer, be sure about the costing of your whole project. Be sure if they have any hidden charges. Be flexible with your budget as the development cost is always variable depending on the changes you made in the prototype.

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