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Why do I need a visual CV?


What does a visual CV hold for you? What format should one use?

When we begin a job search, we are still an unknown candidate to the recruiters. They aren’t aware of our potential and how we fit the job profile. From a job description we know what they are looking for, but is that same as them knowing that we are what they are looking for? That’s where a resume comes in, as an introductory form, which is why resume writing is such an important task.

To put yourself forward to a recruiter or a potential employer, an accepted and traditional form of introduction is the CV – the curriculum vitae (CV), also called the resume. The most popular method of showing who you are professionally is the resume; and it has evolved in the past few years to include an updated version – the Visual resume builder– which has become acceptable in many sectors now, especially those that don’t insist on a traditional layout.

The benefits of Create a Visual Resume can be listed as follows

Use of infographics to show the candidate’s data, display education, various categories of skills and achievements.

Use of a creative layout that makes it easy for recruiters/hiring managers to read at a glance.

Ensures keywords, buzzwords from job description are prominently displayed as recruiters are trained to look for these.

Allows the opportunity to add flair and creativity to the resume in a controlled manner, while going for concise content over style.

To define what is a Visual Resume:

It is a graphical representation of a candidate’s qualification and skills, highlighting his/her key skill sets and achievements.

It is a visually pleasing combination of infographics and an intuitive layout that enhances the regular style of making a resume. This eliminates information that is irrelevant to the job being applied to, and makes sure the candidate’s resume is not being ignored in a rush, it is known that recruiters are much time-pressed and need to look at dozens of resumes at one go.

At Hullo Jobs, making a visual CV takes only a few moments – upload your resume and we will send your completed VR along with a Profile Card (if you select this option) to your registered address. You can select between formats for freshly graduated individuals, professionals with between 3-8 years of experience (mid-level) and highly experienced professionals with greater than 10 years of experience.

Here’s a detailed process of making your CV Builder from Hullo Jobs:

Sign up with a verified email. Make sure to provide a valid email because that’s where you’ll receive the digital version of the Visual CV.

Select the Resume template of your choice – some are meant for freshers, who will have limited work experience, and some are for more experienced professionals.

Proceed to the payment page where you can complete the transaction.

Once completed, you will land on the section where you can start entering details of your resume.

Make sure to enter each section properly, this goes on your smart card and cannot be edited once printed!

Once completed, submit your profile. Our software automatically creates the right structure, depending on the CV template. Our in-house editors may check the resume for any discrepancies, post which they print it!

You should receive the digital copy in your email, and the physical QR based code Smart Card will be delivered to the address you entered in the payment page. Delivery should take 2-4 business days, depending on the location.

Use your smart card to scan with any smartphone at any time, your resume appears onscreen and can be used for recruitment purposes! This makes you eco-friendly and instantly accessible, leaving a positive impact on whoever accesses your profile.

Enhance your profile with Hullo Jobs, draw the recruiter’s attention with a smart layout. Visit here to learn more and sign up now to receive your copy digitally!

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