What are the Principles Of Software Testing

What are the Principles Of Software Testing ?

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Principles of software testing

Software Testing- While testing a software there are some principles that should be kept in mind some of them are as follows:- 

1 Testing should be totally based on user requirements as noted in the SRS Document .

2 While testing should be kept in mind that testing time and  Testing resources are limited.

3 It is impossible to test everything.

4 Always Make use the effective resources to testing reports.

5 It Would Be Best if Test planning is done in early phase of Software Development.

6 For Best Results of software Development Testing should begin at module level of the Software .

7 If Testing is done by independent party/team for a good quality of software.

8 Understanding the Importance of this phase of software Development , Assign best personal for testing.

9 Test cases and test results should be documented for required changes and reviews.

10 Always provide expected test results if possible.

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