Troubleshooting – No Display on Computer Screen

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Troubleshooting: – No Display on Computer Screen

It happens sometimes that computer shows no display when you turn on your Computer system. There could be possibly many reasons of computer not showing any display. Let’s see what possibly could be the reasons:-

Electricity Check

The very first thing you need to check is proper power supply to your computer system. Test for the power supply working properly. You may check it by using different sockets for powering computer or use some other device (mobile charger) to test working condition of power sockets.

Try Restarting your Computer

Restarting your computer system is referred to as hot booting . Which include several system test and problem resolving features. So it is recommended that computer system is restarted at least once before trying any other troubleshooting solutions for your problem.

Test your Monitor

In case there is no issue in power supply, you need to check for working of your Display screen i.e. Monitor. In order to do this, test whether power cable is plugged in or loose. You can also remove computer VGA cable and check for power supply indicator LED blinking or not. Try replacing Power cable is monitor is not getting power supply or you may replace a monitor for a while to test your monitor. If this steps solves your display problem you need not follow steps below.

Troubleshooting Beep Code

Sometimes CPU gives a certain pattern of Beep sound, when one of your system device is not working properly. You need to resolve Beep code issue in order to get your system working properly. Troubleshooting the code will take you to exact reason of having no display. You might end up resolving your problem at this step only.

Restore BIOS default Settings

To do this you have to open BIOS settings of your System and change your system factory settings to default. Some kind of changes made in bios settings may be the reason of no display on screen. Once you have reset settings to default you have to save them and restart your computer.

RAM Reinstalling 

Next you can do is turn Power OFF ,open CPU Cabinet , remove RAM properly , clean it with blower/soft cotton  Reinstall it back to expansion slot and start your System again. Going through these steps can solves your display problem as computer is very sensitive to dust and moisture.

Reset CPU Cables 

Next thing possibly you could do is reset all the CPU cables. You can test your system by restarting Computer without attaching peripheral devices. Reset all data cables and power cables which could be possibly the reason of your system problem.

Test For CPU Power Supply Unit

Any kind of internal problem of CPU power supply unit may lead to improper functioning of your system. Try Replacing Power supply unit of your system in case you find any faults while testing your Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Test for Electric Short circuit

Since system is composed of Very Large scale Integrated Circuits, any kind of conductor( piece of wire, nut bolt etc.) could be the reason of short circuiting of your system. If this is so ,immediately resolve that issue by isolating it from your circuits i.e. motherboard.

Consult a Professional

 In case none of above Steps helped you in resolving your issue. It is recommended that you consult a hardware professional / manufacturer regarding your problem.

Note :-

We highly recommend that in case you are a beginner to computer . You should follow only troubleshooting step 10 to avoid any kind of miss happening. In case we missed any step that helped you in resolving your problem, do let us know about it, we shall be including the same for future help of visitors.  Don’t forget to comment and review below.

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