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Black Box Testing Concept and it’s Importance ?

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In black box testing the information used in , specification document and code , is ignored. Testing areas in this type of testing is-

  • Functional
  • Specification
  • Behavioral
  • Data driven
  • Input output driven testing.

Black box testing is used to uncover the following concepts:- 

  1. Incorrect functions in the software.
  2. Data Structure errors of the software.
  3. Missing function as per SRS document.
  4. Existence of performance errors.
  5. Initialization and termination type of errors.
  6. External database access errors.

Advantages :-

  1. The test is unbiased because designer and tester are independent from each other.
  2. The tester need not to learn any programming language.
  3. The test cases can be designed when specification is complete.


  1. The test can redundant if the designer has already executed the test cases.
  2. The test cases are very difficult to design.

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