Shared hosting

What is shared hosting? And its advantages


Shared hosting :-

Shared hosting, also called virtual hosting. It helps to host your single physical server and also your additional sites. It has a software application within the server that helps to manage and access your website easily.

The shared hosting environment is like sharing a road with other vehicle drivers.   It allow us to share thousands of users who want to get the server space from the same server, this way helps people to save their money for buying the single server through divide the cost of each other.

Shared hosting is the greatest option and platform for bloggers, small business owners, and startups because it is inexpensive and so easy to get started.

Advantages of shared hosting:-

Shared hosting has so many advantages such us

  • Flexible: it offers much flexibility to the website owners. People can select the shared plans that acceptable requirements of your growing website like unlimited shared hosting, more cloud storage, more FTP users, and you can upgrade the plan also.
  • Painless maintenance: You no need to worry about maintaining your server like working out the bugs, installing software updates, and many things because the shared server is maintained by your hosting provider so you can focus on your business without any difficulties.
  • Cost-effective: The cost to customers is kept low due to multiple users contributing to the costs of the server.
  • Secure: While space and resources are shared on a server, your information is not. Other websites utilizing your shared server are not able to access any of your website’s data. Additional security features provided by web hosting companies also defend your website against cybersecurity threats.
  • Straightforward setup: Setting up your website on a shared server is quick and easy. Shared hosting experiences are designed to support the less tech-savvy so you can get your website running with maximum efficiency and minimum technical knowledge.

Where to get the best-shared hosting service?

In the hosting world, there is so many web hosting company offer you a hosting service but we don’t know that they are providing you the best quality service.

They are providing excellent service such as,

  • Redundant DNS: DNS redundancy is a failsafe solution or a backup mechanism for DNS outages, outages resulting from configuration errors, infrastructure failure, or a DDoS attack.
  • Remote Daily backup: daily backup solution and application were developed with businesses in mind. They protect your important data from disaster automatically, conveniently and securely.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring: their responsible teams are monitoring your data in each and every second to give you the best and quality of service.
  • Easy 1 click installer: Install the shared hosting with a single click without any interruption.
  • Superfast website: Superior performance helps to cut out the browsers waiting time for you and your customer and increase your business productivity.
  • Website migrations: A website migration redirects all of your old webpages to new pages to reduce any negative impact on your rankings caused by moving or changing your site.

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