How to Create WhatsApp Group invitation Link

How to Create WhatsApp Group invitation Link


How to Create WhatsApp Group invitation Link

Day by Day Smartphones changes our lives, the way of communication. When the era of smartphones began. There were limited features at that time. But if we talk about these days, smartphones are now equipped with a lot of features. We can send emails. we can Make video calls for your loved ones to see. Smartphones are not only used for above said features but also used to send instant messages to your friends and family circle too. There are many messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, like, WeChat, hike and WhatsApp available from where you can send instant messages.
In this article we are going to talk about WhatsApp messaging App.there are many features available in WhatsAppMessenger app like Groups, Broadcasting list, video and audio call conferencing. Let’s talk about Groups. Groups in the WhatsAppMessenger are managed by the Group Administrators.Here, Group Administrator is the one who creates the group. The Group creator also have power to assign admin role to any participant from the group list.


If group Administrator want to add people in the group, he/she needs to save his/her number in his/her contacts list. It is not possible to save all the numbers in our contact list. and it’s a very long process as well. So, there is a solution to getting rid of this problem. WhatsApp allows Group admins to Invite people with the help of WhatsApp group invitation link. With the help of Invitation link People can join the group easily. You, as a group administrator can also revoke the invitation link too. To Create Invitation link kindly follow the simple steps as shown below

Step 1:

Open WhatsApp Messenger from your Android or IOS device

Step 2:

Open the Group you want to create Invitation link for by opening group info.

Step 3:

You will see the Invite to Group via Link option just below of Add Participants Option in IOS and Android Device.


Share the Link with available sharing options.


If you want to revoke the Invitation link just Click on Reset Link

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