Tips to improve youtube watch time

Tips to Increase Watch time on YouTube Channel

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Tips to Increase Watch time on YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the leading website for streaming videos all over the world. It is an American website and it was introduced by three former PayPal employees Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steven Chen. They initially launched this website on the 14th of February, 2005; later Google bought it in November 2006 for around the US $1.65 billion.

Now YouTube operates as one of the subsidiaries of Google.

The headquarter of YouTube is located in San Bruno, California, United States.

YouTube is free of cost which is one of the amazing things about YouTube. People of all ages can use YouTube for fun and entertainment, as well as for education purposes. If are interested in a skill, you can search about it on YouTube. If you are a student then you can search for different topics related to your field. You can search for cooking channels, movies, videos, gaming tutorials, beauty product reviews or technological related videos.

Around 500 hours long videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube which is quite impressive. Moreover, over 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube all over the world.

Not only this but you can also make your channel and upload videos of anything be it about interior designing, songs, movie songs, makeup tutorials, game reviews, cooking food or educational topics, etc.

YouTube also pays you once you reach their criteria; which means you can also make a pretty good amount by making your own YouTube channel.Click here to know about YouTube PVA accounts.

What is YouTube Watch time? 

It is the amount of time that a viewer has watched videos on your channel. It can give you hints about what your viewers want to watch.

According to YYP (YouTube Partner Program) to apply for the YYP, your channels need to at least 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in 12 months.

Steps to Increase Watch time on your YouTube Channel:

There are many ways to increase watch time on your YouTube Channel, some of the easiest ways to increase watch time on your channel are the following:

  • Create quality content-based videos.
  • Give importance to nail the first 15 seconds.
  • Choose creative titles for your videos.
  • Keep checking your audience retention.
  • Optimize your video thumbnails.
  • Add long-tail YouTube keywords.
  • Create a playlist on your channel.
  • Optimize your video title.
  • Promote videos with end cards and screens.
  • Choose attractive thumbnail images.
  • Build your subscriber base.
  • Optimize your YouTube channel.

·        Create Quality Content-Based Videos:

If your videos are not good, no hacks or tips will be useful for you. It is so important to create compelling contents based videos that can keep viewers interested until the end. You must identify what your customers want to watch and know, then create videos according to their needs and demands.

Before making any video you must think “what would make your viewers stick around to watch this video till the end?”

·        Give importance to the First 15 Seconds:

Viewers often ask themselves if the video they are starting to watch worth their time. Should they keep on watching it or not?

These questions are valid till the first 15 seconds of your video, these 15 seconds decide if your video is worth watching or not. So you must be able to capture the attention of your viewers before they close your videos. Always make sure that the content is interesting and engaging. Because the higher the bounce rates, the higher will be your watch time.

·        Choose Creative Titles for your Videos:

To increase your watch time, you need to choose an eye-catching title for your videos that attract your viewer to click on your videos. This is one of the most important keys to getting a higher watch time. It must be compelling and not so difficult to read, also it must be easy to understand and interesting.

·        Add Long-Tail YouTube Keywords:

If you target long-tail keywords it will help you drive more traffic to your videos, and you can stand out among your competitors. Moreover, you will be able to increase the watch time if you put other tips into action at the same time.

You can find YouTube’s suggestion feature for long-tail keywords or you can also search for them as well.

What you need to do is to just type in a word that you think your audience will be attracted to in the search bar of YouTube. You will see different and valuable keywords ideas that you can use in your videos. 

This way you will be able to create more targeted and highly demanded content.

·        Keep Checking your Audience Retention:

The average percentage of your YouTube video that most viewers watched is called Audience Retention or Viewer Retention.

The Audience Retention report shows where your viewers stick around (also called Peaks) or where your viewer drop off (also called Valleys)

You can make adjustments keeping eyes on the audience retention report and helps your videos get high watch time.

·        Optimize your YouTube Channel:

One of the most important steps for increasing your watch time on YouTube is to optimize your channel. YouTube offers different ways to optimize your channel because it is vital to strengthen your brand and your channel.

You must ensure that your branding method is consistent with other social websites as well as with your channels. You should use the same image for the logo, and the same colors, also, your profile picture must not be less than 800 x 800 pixels. It should look aesthetic when displayed smaller. The size of your banner art must be at least 2650 x 1440 pixels.

Your description tab has one thousand characters, you should make them count. Always sound interesting while writing for your “About” tab. First, start with a quick description of your brand and the benefits of your brand.

Tell your viewers why they should be watching your video? Will they learn something through your video? What you have got to offer them in your videos?

Moreover, always make sure to add keywords in your description box.

·        Add Social Handles for your Viewers:

You can also add different social channels and links to your websites for viewers to get access to you for questions or other queries. By connecting more with your followers you will attract more audience on your channel, thus it will increase the chances of high watch time on your channel.

·        Promote Videos with End Screens and Cards:

These are tools that you can use to promote your YouTube videos and to get more views on your videos. To wrap things up you can place an end screen at the end of your videos to calls-to-action or highlight.

But cards are used to set to pop-up anytime in your video.

But you cannot get access to these features unless your channel is verified. After verifying your channel you will be able to enjoy these features to increase watch time on your videos.

·        Choose Attractive Thumbnail Images:

The preview image of a video is called Thumbnail. This image is highly important if you want to increase views on your YouTube channel. You can get the option of choosing a thumbnail when you are about to upload your video. It is an auto-generated image.

According to the survey, about 90% of the top-performing videos use compelling thumbnail images in their videos.

·        Create Playlists on your Channel:

The statistics of YouTube show that the brand that performs better than others on YouTube promotes and creates twice as many playlists as the bottom 25%. It is so important to make a playlist on your channel because playlists play an important role in increasing your watch time on YouTube. It helps in pulling the attention of your viewers to keep watching videos from your channel.

If you want to make a playlist, you just need to create a YouTube playlist and navigate to each video of your channel that you would want to add and then click on the “+” icon underneath your video.

·        Optimize Your Video thumbnails:

The viewer’s first see the thumbnails of any video. So you must create thumbnails that are winning and creative. The thumbnails must be able to catch the eye of people. You can also make custom thumbnails, but to use this feature first you need to verify your channel with the help of your phone number. Some brands have that customized thumbnails that are giving top-performing look because it helps them attract the viewers to watch their channels.

For ideas, you can also search for famous and channels with higher watch time.

·        Optimize Your Video Title:

If you want to make your title to rank on the top, you need to choose creative titles for your videos. You can use free tools that Google provides like Google Ad Words keyword tool or Word tracker. You must be able to identify what people search for when they search for videos of your niche.

One of the key factors in increasing your watch time is to be descriptive about your video. It’s so important to make your video understandable and the first thing that viewers will look at is your title. Use titles that quickly summarize your video in simple and creative words.

·       Summary:

Now you know different ways to increase watch time on your videos. In summary, you must focus on creating compelling and interesting content based videos, and you will need to promote it as much as you can on every platform. Share it with your friends and ask them to share your videos with their friends too.

Also, you need to get involved with other Vloggers too, that means you need to like their videos or leave a comment, this way you can nurture your relationship and people will come to your channel too.

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