How has fast food affected our lives?


How has fast food affected our lives?

Fast food is becoming important part of people’s daily life and this has negative effects on our lifestyle and health. The advancement of technology and globalization has major impact in almost all fields, even on food also.

International food outlets and restaurants are developing rapidly and serving multi cuisine food, especially fast foods, which give dodgy effects on people’s health and life.

In these days fast food is becoming very common among all age groups with majority of kids,
who are in their growing stage of life, but it has a lot of treacherous effects
on their lives.

The changing human life styles (more work pressure, extra working shifts) make fast food a good intake option to save time and money. Traditional family cooking and family get-togethers, while eating ,are adversely affected by it.  

Many of the fast food items are now a part of daily cooking via readymade cooking products used at home. So not only to the heath it also affected the family love /affection and family culture of spending time together.

Coming back to the health issues, it severely affects the health in various ways. Firstly fast food is not easy to digest as carbohydrates in it takes 2-3 hours to digest as these fast foods have greater quantity of fats which takes longest time in the stomach to convert into digestible form.  

Secondly these are oily and spicy food items, which give birth to many chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity and also cause deficiency disorder like protein energy malnutrition etc.

To conclude it can be said that it not only adversely affects our health but also economy,
art of cooking at home and Lifestyle etc. Everyone should avoid such types of
food as prevention to chronic problems caused by it. Only consuming such food
items occasionally or once in a blue moon can be to some extend acceptable.

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