Top 5 Wedding Cake Myths Busted You Like To Know

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Wedding Cake Myths

A wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life from where the lives of two people are changed. Everyone wants to celebrate this day uniquely and make it memorable. The preparation for the wedding commences a few months before. The presence of cake in a wedding menu become a tradition, and this is a reason why it is an essential part of this biggest celebration. Besides, it’s importance; this delight has a number of myths that everyone knows. Do not take these myths as serious. But now it’s time to think beyond these myths. There are many wedding cake myth busters. If you want to know about the wedding myths, then this article is here for you.      

A Wedding Cake Should Be A Fruit Cake

The first myth about the wedding cake is that the cake should be a fruit cake. It’s completely a myth. As the wedding is a special day of your life and you can order any flavor of cake of your choice at your wedding. The cake is a yummy dessert that brightens up your celebration and adds sweetness to your relationship. Not only the fruit cake but also the different flavor cake can please your taste buds. 

A Wedding Cake Should Be White Only

The wedding cake should be white only is also a great myth. White color symbolizes peace, purity, and innocence. The trend of a wedding cake is started by the queen victoria on her wedding with Prince Albert, and people still followed it. It is just only a myth, not a ritual that you have to use only a white wedding cake. You can break this myth and choose according to your color, design, shape, and size. There are a variety of wedding cakes in Mumbai or different parts of the nation.

Cake Toppers Should Be Figurines of Couples

The wedding cake has toppers meant to reflect the wedding day in the same manner as birthday cake has candles indicate the number the years you are celebrating your birth anniversary. A wedding cake should have toppers is also a myth. But now the time has changed, and the couples use their creative minds to make their wedding cake look more beautiful and elegant by using different things like flowers, banners, donuts, funny figurines, etc.what they like? Some couples do not put any toppers on it. There are a variety of flavors and unique designs available online, so choose from them and delight your near and dear ones. 

The Cake Has To Be Cut At A Specific Time

The traditional practice is that the wedding cake should be cut after the rituals and give to their guests at the end of the meal with a cup of coffee. But the new generation is strongly against it. Who wants to take a slice of cake after their meal? There is no other option for your guests to throw it in your bin, and it is a wastage of your money. So you can serve this yummy dessert with your breakfast. It is a great idea because in this way you can delight your guests and also save your money by not buying other sweets. 

Use Only Round Shape Tall Cake

Another myth is that the wedding cake is a tall round cake. It is only a myth; there is no rule that your wedding cake looks like a tower. Cakes are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes if you choose another shape cake-like heart shape, square, etc. that will also add some beauty in your wedding celebration. So break this tradition and select cake according to your wedding theme that looks stylish.     

Your wedding day is a lovely day when you will have everyone who is important in your life and get away from the dramatic, over the top elegance, etc. So, impress your loved one with your stylish wedding cake and add wow factor in the celebration.

As the cake is the delicious and yummy dessert so, it could be the best gift to give your loved ones on their special days like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine’s Day, etc. If the wedding of your special one is coming, who lives in Hyderabad, then can send them a cake using online cake delivery in Gurgaon. The receiver will fill with joy on receiving the cake from your side. This practice makes your relationship stronger with your loved ones.

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