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9 Best Tips How To Grow Your Ecommerce Business


Ecommerce Business

In last few years, ecommerce industry has grown a lot compared to all other industries. In 2017, $2 trillion worth of sale took place in global ecommerce scenario. So you can’t blame someone if he wants to diversify his trade to this profitable industry to pull out maximum ROI. However, this industry also has a lot of backend process with some specialist skills, even can be managed from remote. Wiser the owner will be if he takes supports from freelancers which will fetch all he needs to grow with profit and remarkably feasible with rate for the recurring expense.

However, maybe it looks easy to create an online selling store, but trust me it is not that easy to maintain ecommerce business properly as it looks!! You have to manage the store, the inventory, the marketplace, the suppliers, the orders, the carriers, the customers and the accounts. So, It is always better to take support from ecommerce expert freelancers against a minimum investment.

These are the following detailed sectors

1. Ecommerce Marketplace:-

To start your own Ecommerce business, first you need to create your own website or buy your own place in renowned marketplace like Amazon, eBay etc. Marketplace will give you their own customers. Due to that reason you do not have create your traffic which will take a long time.

You can create your own account and attach your source of receiving money and hand it over to your trustworthy freelancer.

2. Product Sourcing:-

You have to track down the products which are in demand or  best selling on that time. After that you need to make proper statistics and track down the suppliers with proper profit.

Let your freelancer do the statistics and you get your free time and live in profit!!

3. Product Listing:-

After getting the list of products, it is very important to list those items in proper place in your account. So that the customers can see the products you are ready to sale.

Let him do all the research and list them for you.

4. Vendor Management:-

This is also a big responsibility. You have to be in touch with the vendor everytime. So that you can check and refill the products you are selling.

Why should you be worried about your empty vendor? Let your freelancer do that!

5. Order Fulfillment:-

Processing orders are not difficult at all, however when your products are selling like pancakes and you have to process every orders by the hundreds or thousands, that is something else.  Besides, this task isn’t as important as your CEO tasks which require more time and attention. So instead of taking care of this by all yourself, why not hand it over to a freelancer to free up your time?

6. Simplify your Check-Out Process:-

People hates wasting time in check out process. So best way is, make it as simple as possible. So that people won’t face complications in the last step.

7. Post Delivery Service:-

Post Delivery Service is also one of the most important part of this business. You can’t control few things like damaged, defective products or wrong order received! That time you need to provide support to the customers to let them have a happy shopping and make them your permanent customer. Instead of you doing that with every customer, leave it on your freelancer.

8. Customer  Support:-

This is one of the most important and crucial part of a business. If it is a service industry then customers need supports. Give supports to the customers via 24X7 Chat, Email or Call services. Let your freelancers know the etiquette of this service and let him do it for you.

9. Promotional activity:-

One of the most important part! Promotional activity of a product is very important, so that the product can reach upto the worldwide customers. For that you have to make a strategy and do marketing in various ways like social media marketing and many more.

Doing all of these jobs alone is almost next to impossible. Freelancers does know the details of every steps as they have their own and different experiences in several projects. They will help you to grow and expand your knowledge, ideas and certainly will help you to grow and make profit in your ecommerce business!!

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