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Career Scope and Responsibilities of Content Writer


Responsibilities of Content Writer

For some years, the content writer is regarded as a buzzword, but it is not something new. Content is for information exchange and a content writer’s contribution towards this field could never be overlooked. Content writing has been a famous professional option nowadays. But not many people are aware of what the profession holds and what are the responsibilities and scope for the same.

Content writing is not something new, still, people tend to get confused and doubt the profession. Content is the most widely used source of communicating information. And each business needs to communicate its ideas, services, and information about its products with potential customers. Therefore, the scope of content writing is wide.

Our communication sources have doubtlessly changed over the last few decades. A Content Writer develops original content and puts it up in an understandable form for others. Creating Facebook posts, uploading blogs, writing tweets on Twitter is a form of content writing too! Although, being a professional content writer has a lot to it than meets the eye.

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Far back in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin implemented content for business marketing in his yearly paper. In the early 2000s, search engines evolved SEO copywriters, which were eventually regarded as Content Writers. Reward for quality content and penalties for spammed content increased demand for professional content writers.

What do Content Writers do?

  • Content Writers are given a topic or a theme, on which they research and understand it. Information collection holds great importance in their job, which in most cases, takes up more time than writing the article.
  • Content Writers also host interviews and read through academic papers for information not available on the web. Analysis and Content Strategy is also a part of the job.
  • Content Writers are also content curators. This means that they have to keep knowledge of all sources of credible information, which they re-post or arrange in a readable manner for the audience.
  • Content Writers should be flexible with different branches of content. A content writer can be given the work to write for business blogs, corporate communication, product descriptions, websites, PR articles, technical content, etc.
  • Content Writers can also develop content for videos and podcasts as they are gaining popularity on various news platforms day by day.
  • A Content Writer can also be hired by companies for specialization in a specific field like economics, technology, social issues, health, politics, etc.

Importance of Quality Content

A professional Content Writer should be capable of developing engaging content that is able to drive people to a desired action. Content is the fundamental substructure of Digital Marketing. Distracting Banners and Ads nowadays do not have the spark to attract Marketers and Investors. Value-added content is the new provision to attract targeted markets.

Content is at the peak of this new strategy. Businesses desire to offer a lot of valuable content to their prospects before asking them to buy their products.

Stats to understand the scope of Content Writing in India:

  • Content Leaders ride traffic 7.8 times more than others, according to Neil Patel.
  • 56% of marketers claim to trust customized content to represent higher engagement rates and an increase in brand recall. (IBM Digital Experience survey, 2015)
  • Content Marketing overpowers Traditional Marketing by 62% less costing and 3 times more effectiveness.
  • 73% of organizations hire content strategists for their content management.

These statistical reports make clear that the opportunities for a content writer are tremendous and the job is in high demand.

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