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Freelancer or Agency – What to Choose for Google Ads Marketing?


What to Choose for Google Ads Marketing?

This is the era of digital marketing; your business presence is not limited to bricks and mortar. Indeed, you need a strong online presence through social media and Google Ads. Your competitors out there are raising their revenue, so why not grab your share in that? You may not know the benefits of digital marketing; have a short tour on it-

  • The cheapest form of advertisement unlike billboards
  • Flexibility and targeting options
  • Sky-rocket your business presence in less time
  • Earn conversions rapidly

The aim of any business lies in a strong presence in the market; Google ads are the one-stop solution for you but what are they?

Google Ads

If you Google about Google Ads, you will receive a simple definition saying that it is a platform for advertisers, where they can display their advertisement about their brand, service, app, etc. by paying some amount. It is just not limited to this only because the benefits are unending.

  • you can make your presence in the top searches that will bring recognition to your brand
  • increase accessibility to your users as your advertisement will pop-up in the search result
  • Chances of increasing conversion are strong, unlike conventional marketing.

As people are active on both desktop and mobile, you can ensure your presence with the help of digital marketing platforms like Google Ads. You may have an omnichannel marketing agency that ensures your presence across all platforms – online, offline, and calls. They have Google ads experts in their team to manage your online presence. Some freebies are Google Ads consultant. It is your call to go for either of them. However, an abrupt choice can leave you in crisis. So, breathe deep and take a look at the pros and cons of hiring each of them-

Pros and cons of hiring AdWords consulting agency

An agency, it sounds big, so it is because it deals with a number of projects on the daily. They have a professional approach in their work that you can fell in their past records (you may ask for a trailer of their work).

An agency follows protocols and hierarchy and expects its clients to respect that. Simply speaking, you may not find immediate solutions to your problems but will get surely get it. However, your business needs are different; you may not find this idea appealing.

An agency may charge you high because not only a person but a team will design, plan, and work on your ad campaigns. A lot goes in doing, so don’t expect it to be easy on your pocket.

Pros and cons of hiring a freelancer

A freelancer is a person who either works solo or has a small team. A freelancer may work on a few projects but with full potential as they don’t consider time as a limit and ready to invest day and night on your project. You will not find a delay in their solution, unlike big agencies.

Freelancers may fit your pocket, especially if you are a startup but some famous startups may cost you high. You can work freely with a freelancer.

Now, as you got the pros and cons of each, you can check the compatibility of each with your business needs.

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