Instagram – an integral part of a successful business!



Taking over the world with its engaging content, Instagram is the most loved app today. From the biggest brands to the best influencers, its power is incredible. Capable of making a career and building a brand, it is the most crucial platform for every entrepreneur and business. Considered to be the most important marketing platform, Instagram can make lives and change the game of a brand. No matter what services you have to offer, this is where you must advertise your brand. Possibly the quickest way to reach out to people and build an audience, this is the place to build a brand or service.

Instagram Stats that matter

  • 6 in 10 users login daily to their Instagram account
  • Instagram has over 1 billion active users every month
  • On an average, users spend an average of 28 minutes daily on Instagram.
  • 500million+ users are active everyday on the account
  • Over 200 million users visit one business profile daily


Instagram for Businesses

The quickest and most credible platform for marketing a business, Instagram provides great opportunities for businesses. Content from brands and businesses gets recognition and increased growth. The best platform to grow a business, this is where marketing is made easy in every sense. With innovative content and paid promotions, it is the quickest way to create a buzz about your services.

Instagram Business stats

  • 60% of people claim to discover new products through Instagram.
  • Over 200 million users visit one business profile daily.
  • One out of every three viewed story is from a business profile.

Plan your Instagram Strategy!

With these exciting stats Instagram makes it easier to grow your business and reach out to your targeted audience. The perfect Instagram strategy can change the entire game of your business. Flawlessly marketing your services through promotions helps you increase the revenue of your brand. With insights on your posts and interactions with your followers, business profiles have been receiving great results on this platform.

How to create an Instagram Business Account?

  1. Create an Instagram account
  2. Convert it into a Business Profile
  3. Add details like your website and description in the bio
  4. Add posts/videos to your profile
  5. Utilize features like hashtags and paid promotion
  6. Get insights on your posts and engage with your audience

What is SMM or Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or utilizing social media platforms to promote a service gives a great boost to any business or brand. Marketing your services on social media through innovative strategies can take a business to the next level. Digital Marketing strategies devised by leading digital marketing organizations are the best choice if you wish to promote your services. Their strategies are capable of increasing the growth and revenue of a business by helping you reach your targeted audience. With their expertise in building and boosting an Instagram profile, they can make your dream of a successful business a reality.

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