Six Things Your Boss Always Notices About You

Six Things Your Boss Always Notices About You

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Six Things Your Boss Always Notices About You

In this ambitious and rapid work pace, employees are the first important factor for organizations. You might think your boss is busy with his work and don’t have time to notice you, then you are wrong. Your employer notices you probably more than you think. He/She is the one who observes and evaluates your overall efficiency on a daily basis. No matter whether you are working in a start-up or in a multinational company your boss is always Observing you. Now you are wondering what your boss thinks about you? Here are the Six things your boss likely observe about you regularly.

In and Out Timings 

Dont Forget that your boss is quite aware of your work timings. He/She Knows whether you sneak into the meeting late or stay back to complete an upcoming deliverable. Of-course, your work timings are one of the predominant aspects your boss keeps track of. Also you might have work hour flexibility in your office, but keeping up with your work schedule and spending enough time with your team is also essential. Make sure your concept of “flexible work hours” is limited to “working at your convenience”. It Shouldn’t affect your coworkers or deliverables.


The way you interact with your colleagues, managers or clients plays a significant role in your career growth. Even though your office environment may be casual or playful. But that does not mean you could use informal language or exhibit casual body language. you must remember that your body language, communication, and the way you interact with everyone is getting noticed by your boss. Do not chat overly with colleagues, discussing the latest political event or gossip in your office work timings. when you are in your office keep your interactions strictly related to work. In short Words a healthy work culture does not approve of unnecessary and controversial discussions during working hours.

Culture Understanding 

Remember whether you are working with a team of 5 or a team of 50, adhere to your workplace culture and ethics. Every employer notices your behavior, your values, your sense of understanding the culture and your devotion towards the company. Also your workplace expects you to adhere to the company culture and best practices. Furthermore, in case something bothers you, talk to your boss as employers are always open for discussion. You must consider company culture as a growth opportunity rather than a forced rule.


Your workplace is constantly evaluating you for your managerial efforts, result-oriented productivity, and challenging efforts. Probably you might work 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week, but your productivity is what matters the most to your employer. You might be constant to work but your productivity is important for a business. Employee being productive isn’t about the hours you spend in office accomplishing a certain task; it is about the outcomes of task you spent time working on. You can be productive by prioritizing your work and managing your deliverables efficiently.

Active Participation 

Being a part of the company you have to be active in events, team-building activities, training sessions conducted by the company. Your employer is noticing how likely you interact with your colleagues, how you take part in office activities and what initiatives you take. Being social is not just limited to participation in office activities and events. It include staying active in business meetings, takng part in brainstorming sessions with your colleagues and contributing to overall company growth.

Positive Attitude 

Everyone at work has their own challenges and responsibilities to handle. Avoid letting it hamper your attitude and temper. Your bad attitude will not help achieve results. It can create distress amongst everyone at your workplace. Employer notices your behavior, how efficiently you manage work pressure and how you handle your attitude at the workplace.  Your colleagues are watching the way you work, the way you interact and the way you deliver. Boss is the one who assesses you for your work, productivity and honesty. Make sure you behave professionally and work efficiently for your career growth.

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