Starting a Career in Mobile App Development

Starting a Career in Mobile App Development

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The world of Information Technology comes with tons of job opportunities with a constant need for Developers, QA and Support Engineers from various domains. So with the advent of mobile-ready businesses, Mobile Application Development has become one of the most high-demand job roles on hiring platforms right now.

From booking cabs to scheduling appointments, Mobile Apps have become an integral part of millennial lifestyle. It is also contributing to a growing need for expert mobile app developers in IT and non-IT companies as well. While, the startup culture, especially in the Mobile App development arena, bloom calls for the need to bring more Mobile App Developers onboard to address growing business needs for a mobile-only environment.

Why choose this career?

  • You get to design something absolutely functional and scaleable, which will influence the end-users’ lives in more ways than one.
  • You will be playing a small yet significant part in revolutionizing the mobile technology. An important role in solidifying its impact on the modern world too.
  • Also you can almost work from anywhere as an App Developer as long you have a strong internet connection for client/team collaboration.

How to become a Mobile App developer?

Academic Qualifications

You don’t have to be a Computer Science Engineer to become an App Developer. But a strong Coding skill comes with strong knowledge and certification in relevant languages.

Choose your Platform

Mobile Apps are developed on a variety of operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows or just web-based applications for Windows,Linux or MacOS.

Get Certified

The most common skill set summary for an App Developer would be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, jQuery, Bootstrap, to name a few! . Get yourself equipped with the right skill set to begin your job quest journey.

How to get there?

 There are a plethora of online training courses on Udemy, Lynda and other e-learning platforms to get certified in Mobile App Development. On the other hand, you can opt for full-time learning sessions from a local training centers to get a better hands-on experience in the field.

What does the job entail?

A career in App Development comes with a lucrative pay package and interesting job duties that include Design, Development, Testing and Support functions. Some key areas of your job functionalities include:

  • Requirement Gathering: You will be working in coordination with other team members, higher management and end clients (as per your job profile) to understand business requirements.
  • UI/UX Development: You will be involved in the design of wireframes/mockups/mobile app screens, as per UI/UX best practices, to present the overall design concepts to the higher management.
  • Development: You will be involved in module-by-module development of the Mobile Application on the respective platform your expertise lies in it .
  • Testing: You will be responsible for unit testing of the mobile apps to execute test cases. Including real-time test scenarios to understand how each module is working.
  • Maintenance: You will alter and re-write the application’s code depending on the operating environment.
  • Support: You will constantly cross-check whether the applications meets the business requirements. Also discuss ideas for UI/UX and additional feature updates and upgrades and provide support to resolve any end-user issues.

What does the future have in store for Mobile App Development?

Finally, a quick search on any job portal/hiring platform will give you an idea about the growing need for innovative and cutting-edge applications. So this indicates the importance of application developers in the real-world. So if you are an expert mobile application developer, you can choose a freelancing career path or a full-time position to expand your global exposure. Therefore, there’s a huge demand-supply gap for Mobile App Developers making it the right time to choose this as a career option.

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