Tech Hiring Trends of 2019

Tech Hiring Trends of 2019


Tech Hiring Trends of 2019

According to a survey conducted by ‘CareerBuilder’, 69% of recruiters state that every job is essentially a “tech job” because some part or the other is heavily dependent on myriad technologies. This shift will also  push companies to create upskilling and reskilling opportunities for current employees to make sure they remain competitive and will require job seekers to pursue skills and educational opportunities to meet the growing demand for high-wage jobs involving technology.

 She believes that candidates will be chosen from job portals, based on their potential job trajectory rather than their educational background. A close look at the search results on your favorite job portal will reveal that Tech companies are doing whatever they can to attract top tech talents.

However, Industries are becoming more and more competitive with each passing day and the unemployment rate is getting lower as the productivity rate getting higher. Furthermore, more and more companies are increasing their focus on diversity to draw an even larger pool of applicants. Here’s an overview of all the current tech hiring trends of the first half of 2019:

Upskilling is a major focus

In an inflexible job market, companies understand that external hiring is more expensive than training the employees in new areas of learning. Almost 90% of IT employers admit that they are upskilling their employees. Hence, the common areas of development include security, data science, project management, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence/ machine learning.

Organisational Fit Matters!

According to a survey conducted by Robert Half, 91% of tech managers have admitted to the fact that the applicant’s fit is as important as their skill and experience. This sentiment goes both ways as 35% of candidates admitted that they would turn down an ideal job offer on a job portal if they think that the company has an uninspiring work culture.

Cloud and Security skills are in demand!

As you would have probably noticed on the job portals, Cloud architecture, Cloud security, Cloud computing, and business intelligence are all in-demand skills that companies are looking for.

IT leaders are feeling optimistic!

Most IT leaders are feeling optimistic about their company’s growth prospects in the first half of this year. They are planning to bring in extra candidates as full-time staff.

Companies are focusing on Employee Retention

A clever way to win in the time of hiring challenges is to keep the workers satisfied and happy. One way to achieve this is by paying IT employees competitive wages.

Companies are relying on flexible IT staffing

All projects do not require full-time employees to come in. It’s more cost effective to get interim staff through job portals to work on one-time and cyclical assignments.

Employees seek Hybrid Professionals

For blended roles, an IT manager needs a mixture of skills. Research reveals that there is a rise in professions that sit between IT and other roles, such as finance and marketing.

Above all , the current hiring environment is extremely challenging and competitive. Therefore, it is vital that you are well-versed with these current trends so that you remain one step ahead of others by using this knowledge to your advantage.

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