Preparing For Competitive Exams

Ten Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing For Competitive Exams


Preparing For Competitive Exams

This Article is going to be very important for those aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams because today they are going to know about some major common mistakes they do during their preparation time. These days almost every student learns and gets prepared through online videos, coaching classes or self-studies and they should be aware of those tiny but major mistakes they do. And in this blog, I will tell you everything till morning to night, how, when, what and where you should study in your whole day.


A student should get up early in the morning (at least at 5:00 A.M.). When you start waking up early in the morning and after taking a glass of water and handful of sprouts, do some exercise (at least for half an hour). Yes, I am focusing on your exercise part, because when you exercise, your min receives fresh and positive circulation of blood and it improves your memory level and keep you energetic all the day long.

After your exercise and again glass of water keep you hydrate and fresh, and after that whatever you study or learn, it remains there in your memory. In the morning, you need to study for two hours. That will help you a lot in your preparation time.


Most of the students take coaching classes and they are very conscious about the study material but they should be cautious about some more relevant points while preparation, like they should never follow others, one should understand, how others are studying, where they are learning from but should not follow their ways because every student has different way of learning and understanding the concept.

Being a teacher, I understand the situation of every student and I have come up with the course where student can study anytime and anywhere with my video lectures. If a student is already taking coaching classes then also for more practice he/she should take my course for more clarification and no doubts. If a student is not taking any coaching class then he/she can take our course because anytime, anywhere and multiple times he can watch the video for more clarification. And I can definitely say – if you buy my course and follow my advice seriously, you will be able to crack the exam in one attempt.

Keep few recommended books for the practice and many books. Download monthly PDFs from Exam Preparation websites.


 These days exams are computer based so it is very important for you to be familiar and prepared for the computer language, reading and understanding. Keep in view that computer is for without pen and paper, many students have command over pen and paper to solve doubts or question, and you should be very fast in calculation. GJP – The Learning App will teach you shortcuts of all the calculation and all the concepts. Keep practicing quality online mock test series today. Do not wait for the last day of the exam. If you need best and desired score, do follow my instruction.


GJP doesn’t only focus on the completing the syllabus because covering the syllabus is not enough. Student has to understand the pattern of the exam so it is very important to clear the concept so that pattern can be clear and familiar to the student and for that student should follow at least previous papers of five years. It is going to help them a lot. It will also help them covering all the types and topics of the exam they are going to face when they attempt it.


We teach fundamentals, concepts, multiple methods of shortcuts and tricks. Every student has different mood and habit of learning and solving the doubts, so we teach the concept in a very easy and simple way so that student can adapt and understand the method friendly. We focus on time management of the student because when we know all the answers of the questions, we need to have an excellent command over speed and accuracy so that exam can be done in the given duration.


Every student knows it very well that PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT. So it is completely applicable here. Advance practice is very indispensable part of learning. What you learn and understand, always get a book and start to practice the same topic. We help you building concepts, allow you to practice papers and will recommend the books, you have to go online and start online mock test series and revise your course even if you have done it before.


 Many students try to prepare for many exams and that too without knowing everything about the job and the scenario, syllabus and the criteria of the exams. Every exam is different from another so try not to mix up the entire in same bowl. Students think, they should prepare for multiple exams and one of them will be clear if they practice for all the exams together. But it is not the right decision, target only one exam, and be determined to crack. We always say – you practice and follow the instruction, we are here to make you reach your goal.


Some students have good command over English, Some have in Mathematics and some have in Reasoning or General Awareness, but one should be good on every subject, because one needs to qualify all the subjects individually. We teach all the subjects and every single concept and type are taught and explained deeply so that it will be easy to understand by every student, who is intelligent, good, average or below average. Subjects are taught in Hindi and English Language.


Always make notes of what you learn and study. If you go for the classes or learn through us, you should make a notebook where you will write your notes. Notes should be very neat and clean and in a very proper way so that when you need them next time, you will have clear understanding on what concept was used, how it was applied and what was the logic behind it while solving. Always make notes and try to write more so you can develop good writing skills as well.


Do not follow everyone who guides you, if you do, you will be confused because everyone gives different advice most of the time, we will guide you TIME TABLE, TIME MANAGEMENT, HOW TO STUDY, WHEN TO STUDY, DAILY ROUTINE etc., according to your day schedule. You have to choice, what time suits you the best, but make it your habit to get up early in the morning and start exercising or meditation. Meditation increases your learning and memory power, you will feel the change soon if you are determined to do what I advise.


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