Five Tips to Switching Job in 2019

Five Tips to Switching Jobs in 2019

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Five Tips to Switching Job in 2019

The new year is here, and a lot of you are probably thinking of switching your job and giving your career the breath of fresh air it needs. There are countless surveys and statistics which prove the fact that job switching can lead to people earning better salaries.

However, when it comes to your career, you must look before you leap and it’s advisable that you don’t jump headfirst into the job changing bandwagon. You must approach it tactically and have a strategy in place before finally signing your resignation letter. Here are five tips that will make 2019 the perfect year for changing your job:

Prepare in advance.

Searching for a new job all over again can be quite taxing and demands extreme patience and dedication on your part. Figure out your present salary, expected salary, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can analyze your current

potential in the job market. 

You must also carefully analyze your personal branding and figure out whether your LinkedIn profile and online portfolios reflect your growth and how far you have come. You should also ensure that you keep sharing content which is related to your field of work and maintain a blog which talks about your industry. This will make sure that your online branding is in place before you are applying for a new job.

Choose the Perfect online job portal

There are plenty of Job portal in the market but that doesn’t mean you should get registered on all the platforms. It is as good as beating around the bush but getting nowhere. Choose the best online job portal that comes with a good reputation with a good amount of jobs related to your skillset.

Get yourself registered, or get a paid profile if need be. If your job search goes for upto 3 months or you belong to a rare technology with limited opportunities, it is advised to go for a paid membership.

Have a vision in place.

Don’t use the new year as an excuse for job switching simply because you are bored with your old job. You should also never leave your present comfortable job simply for a higher salary if there are other compromises involved. Have a few short-term and long-term career goals in place so that your job switching is in perfect alignment with these goals.

You will know exactly what makes you happy when it comes to a job and you should ensure that you are switching to a job which is more fulfilling. It’s important to place this job change in the larger context of your career plan.

Make sure you have a good SEO ranking.

You should type your name into Google and figure out what are the top results. Maybe your LinkedIn profile will show up or maybe it will be a blog written by you. You should carefully analyze your digital footprints and you should figure out how to make them better.

While trying to optimize your SEO, try and think of keywords that are related to your industry. Accordingly, you can update your social media profiles by incorporating these keywords. This will make sure that your virtual presence is in great shape before you apply to a new job.

Networking is the best way forward.

It doesn’t matter whether you are at an industry event or shopping for groceries in a mall, you should always be on the lookout for possible contacts and professional connections. Whenever you meet someone who can be a potential source of recommendation for a new job, don’t forget to engage in a polite conversation and do keep your business card handy.

You must also have an “elevator pitch” ready that quickly sells you in the brief moment you can get with a CEO or a HR manager. Making a good first impression during networking can go a long way in bringing you a new job offer that you can’t possibly refuse.

Don’t jump the gun and inform your previous job beforehand.

It’s all nice and sundry if you want to change your job in 2019, but don’t let your present manager know that just yet. It will be a risky proposition if they know about your job switch and you haven’t yet been able to find the right job.

Try and avoid telling your co-workers about your job switching plans since they just might tip off the boss. Once you are one hundred percent sure about the new job and convinced about your decision, then you can finally pop the word. It’s time to make 2019 life-changing in a way that’s awesome and constructive at the same time.

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