Paddle mixer

Paddle mixer – The most convenient equipment for concrete mixing


Concrete Mixers

There are different types of industrial mixers used today for convenient mixing applications. For concrete mixing and paste, the best mixer used is the paddle mixer.

All things considered, a mixer is any machine used for mixing different ingredients. All in all they are of two sorts; continuous and batch mixers. In continuous concrete mixers, stacking of substance, mixing and emptying is a continuous procedure and continues for an inconclusive timeframe where as in batch concrete mixers, stacking, mixing and emptying should be possible just for a distinct quantity and for a limited timeframe.

However the guideline for the procedure continues as before, for both types of mixers and it is pretty much like a long-screw. At the end of the day mixing of the ingredients is finished by method for blades or paddle mixer which is mounted on revolving shafts. In view of the structure, concrete mixers are comprehensively grouped into three types.

The three types are:

  1. Gravity
  2. Rotatory
  3. Paddle

In any case, with regards to purchasing or renting a concrete magnetic mixer, the execution and your requirement should be mulled over. For example, on the off chance that you are searching for a mixer which needs to be worked for an inconclusive timeframe for mixing tremendous amounts then the continuous mixer is the best choice whereas if the mixing quantity is needed for less or for a small timeframe then batch mixer will fill the need.

Understand the difference

To better comprehend the differences between both the types of mixers you can consider the example of batch and continuous mixer. Both the machines can blend a wide range of pre-blended mortar products yet the batch machine can blend products up to a certain amount where as continuous one can blend products in any amount. However both the machines have many advantages and they are as follows:

  1. Variable pump yield
  2. User friendly
  3. Can be worked by means of remote
  4. Compact and simple to-use
  5. Practically maintenance free because of fuse of brilliant components
  6. Adaptable applications and so on.

The choice relies on your requirements

In this way, the choice of concrete mixer relies on upon your business requirements. On the off chance that you have huge projects on hand then settle on plow mixer though on the off chance that you are searching for a little venture with insignificant mixing operation then select batch mixer.

Presently quit searching for continuous mixer by going to stores. The machine-technologies are accessible online at pretty low rates. You just have to look online for a reliable provider who has all types of qualitative mixers in stock at affordable prices. These different types of mixers are used in construction sites and makes work easier and faster. The modern building projects definitely need these types of mixers for better execution and faster work.


As these machines have a lot of advantages to offer to us, it becomes imperative to choose proper quality machines with latest technologies getting its optimum advantages. Internet is practically the best place to buy such powerful and beneficial machines as you get a lot of choices all at one place. You get to know more about the uses and can use it in your work more efficiently.

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