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Our human body has a very complex procedure of acting.  A balance of every minute ingredient maintains a perfect equilibrium of it and thus in deficiency, it can malfunction easily.  Minerals being one of the main components that help to vitalize the body from within and helps it function smoothly has a larger role to play here.  Out of different minerals that our body comprises of potassium is one of the cores that help to regulate fluid balance helping in muscle contraction and nerve signals along with maintaining blood pressure and water retention as well.  Today hereby we will be discussing a few foods that increase the potassium level in our body.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes

Potato is one of the most common food ingredients in our regular diet that helps to increase the potassium level of our body.  According to doctors consumption of unpeeled potatoes (baked) provides a good supply of potassium in our body of around 34% of the RDI.  They truly contain a good source of potassium along with sweet potatoes as well.  It has been found by research that among the top best twenty frequently consumed raw vegetable potatoes rank the highest in terms of potassium content.  One medium potato of round 5.3 ounces along with skin contains 620 mg of potassium. You can order fresh fruits and vegetables online using grofers offers with great deals.


Spinach, as we all know, is a vegetable that has high nutritious value along with a good amount of potassium content that is capable to increase the potassium level in our body.  These nutrients are very much important for various activities in our body like metabolism, bone health, immune system, and vision health as well.  One cup of spinach of around 180 grams provides around 18% of the RDI which is great for our body in terms of nutritive value.  Spinach also provides other essential minerals, vitamins, and healthy plant compounds to our body as well.  Thus regular intake of spinach can be great in uplifting potassium level in our body.


Beets contain a good amount of potassium along with folate and manganese.  This deep-rooted vegetable contains a naturally sweet flavor of its own.  It is estimated that one cup of beets which is around 170 gm contain around 518 mg of potassium and 11% of the recommended daily intake (RDI).  It has been also found that the pigment that beets have acted as a good antioxidant that is capable of fighting with oxidative damage and inflammation as well.  The high potassium content in beets not only improves blood vessel function but it also helps to decrease the risk of heart disease by a high percentage.  Thus regular consumption of beets can improve our potassium levels like potatoes and other vegetables.

 Tomato and Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes and tomato contain products are a rich source of potassium.  It has been found that it contains 17% of RDA for potassium.  Tomato also contains different other plant compounds like lycopene which’s helps us to and reduce the risk of prostate cancer and combat inflammation easily.  Those who are having blood vessel dysfunction and insulin resistance problems can also take tomato contents to overcome problems.  Tomato sauce made out of tomatoes that we consume every day is also rich in vitamin and minerals like Dietary Fiber, Vitamin K, magnesium, manganese and others along with potassium as one of the most important containing minerals.


Bananas are always famous as providing a good supply of potassium in our body.  As per studies, a medium sized banana contains around 422 mg or 12% of RDI for potassium.  Bananas also help in controlling gut health and for controlling blood sugar as well.  The green banana is known to work well for those who are suffering from diarrhea and helps in complete cure of the symptom.  Other than rich content of potassium, it contains magnesium vitamin C, B6 as well.

Orange and orange juice

High in potassium content orange and orange juice is one of the finest among all.  A cup of orange juice can provide with 11% of RDI for potassium according to studies.  It is also rich in vitamin C and folate as well.  Thus regular consumption of orange juice is best for health and vitality. You can get latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

Thus concluding.

Foods mentioned above are truly a good source of potassium content and can help our body to fight with potassium deficiency.  Regular intake of these foods is recommended by the doctors for staying fit and healthy.

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