treatment of Chin Augmentation

How is Chin Augmentation treated?


What is the treatment of Chin Augmentation?

A person who feels that his/her chin is not in the right shape compared to the rest of the face may go for chin augmentation or cosmetic chin surgery. Chin augmentation can be performed in both men and women in two ways
1-by using facial implants to enhance the chin.

2-by chin reduction surgery for those who want to make their jaws look less prominent in public.

This treatment is basically done to add chin proportions and that provides balance to other facial features. A weak or bony chin makes a nose appear large and thus a person with a large nose may feel bad. Chin implant surgery helps in balancing all facial features.

A chin augmentation surgery may change the appearance of a person and can help increase their self-esteem. A chin augmentation surgery can help a person in many ways-
• It helps to heal a weak or recessed chin and thus improves the definition of neck and jawline.
• It also helps reduce the appearance of a full or ‘double’ chin due to the small chin bone and most importantly.
• it brings the chin in a better proportion with other characteristics of the chain and thus the harmony of the face.

How is Chin Augmentation treated?

Chin augmentation can be performed on an outpatient basis in a clinic or can also be performed in a hospital. In this process, chin implants are used to enlarge the bone located in front of the jaw under the teeth. The chin strength and definition are permanently increased after the prosthetic implant is placed under the skin. Growth gives a patient a well-proportioned look. When performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, a chin augmentation surgery will present a natural form.

Treatment should always be done by the right doctor because if the right doctor is not selected, it can read the patient-facing more difficulties in treatment. The first way is to choose the right doctor and take the right medicine at the right time.

General or local anesthesia is used for this treatment. The process is performed within 45 minutes to one and a half hours and the duration depends on some factors. The procedure requires making an incision under the chin or inside the mouth between the lower lip and the gum. The incision implant is inserted and placed in front of the jaw after the incision is made.

The final stage of this procedure requires the surgeon to check that the implant is placed correctly and if it is capable of presenting a balanced appearance with other facial features. The procedure is completed when the surgeon finds that the desired results have been achieved and he fixes the chin implant in place.

Who is eligible for the treatment of Chin Augmentation?

A person who does not have diseases such as heart problems and high blood pressure and who is not in poor health is eligible for this treatment. A person who has a recessed chin, square or pointed chin, a prominent nose or fleshy neck will definitely benefit from the treatment. This treatment is basically for those who want to improve or amend their appearance and achieve a more balanced look.

Are there any side effects?

A chin augmentation surgery is not usually associated with many side effects when performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. However, some of the possible side effects are
• infection
• change in implant status
• internal bleeding
• Scarring, etc.
• A person may also suffer from the adverse effect of anesthesia.
• A person may also suffer from bruising and swelling for six weeks after the procedure.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Chin augmentation  is considered a permanent process. Implants are strong, durable devices and are expected to last a lifetime. However, any trauma to the face can damage the chin implant. In that case, another surgery may be required to address it. The aging process can change a person’s facial features but the operated chin will remain the same.

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