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Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe for your Eye?


Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe for your Eye?

Bladefree Lasik eye surgery is a treatment for vision correction approved by “NASA Astronauts”.  It is also a US FDA approved procedure for those who seek to be free from spectacles to get rid of their glasses.

This procedure is also done at Eye Hospital in Bandra, Mumbai

What is Intralase Bladeless femtosecond Lasik?

Femto Lasik is a 100% Bladefree approved using ultra high precision femto second Laser for safety & accuracy of the whole treatment. By eliminating the handheld microkeratome blade method used in traditional Lasik for corneal flap creation. There’s higher level of safety & accuracy in laser procedure.

With intralase using a computer controlled laser the surgeon deliver rapid pulses of laser light. It delivers to a pre-programmed depth and position within the corneal tissue.

This technique is available as of “the best laser eye hospital in Mumbai”.

Eye Hospitals are also able to treat patients with this method who have this type of cornea which otherwise would have been turned down for the traditional Lasik Procedure.

It is performed by Dr. Niteen C Dedhia who is a pioneer of Bladefree Lasik in Bandra, Mumbai.

And is a past “President of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association”. He is also ranked amongst the best eye surgeon in Mumbai.

Is  Custom Intralase Bladefree Lasik Safe and trusted.

Above all, this technology gives the doctor an extremely high degree of surgical control for exceptional outcomes.  Moreover Millions of procedure have had been performed safely all over the world & in India Eye Hospital the best eye specialist in bandra, mumbai to carry out this treatment.

However, the corna after the femto treatment is reshaped with the excimer laser & vision correction done for Myopia with or without Astigmatism for correction of Hyperopia more deails can be availed from Eye Hospital in Bandra, Mumbai & Eye Hospital in Kandivali, mumbai which have the latest facility to treat these refractive error.

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