Psychological Effects of Having Pests at Home

Psychological Effects of Having Pests at Home


Psychological Effects of Having Pests at Home

We are so much accustomed to hear and read about the deadly effects pests have on the physical health of human beings. But rarely, we look at the ‘being’, rarely we face the issue of our psychological health deterioration caused by pests that have made their nests in our house. We wake up feeling low and confused, depressed and possibly feeling hallucination and probable grandeur of mental breakdown due to different issues at workspace, political or otherwise.

It happens that I sometimes wake up with heavy head, confusion on face and wonder what’s going wrong. And we residents of this dream city, Mumbai usually face this situation. But do we actually question that mental issues that we are facing has a direct co-relation with our living environment, i.e our Home.

Our living space are usually stuffed with pests such as termites, different kind of bugs, left-over foods, sometimes we see invasion of ants, cockroaches and other crawling pests.

These pests that we care little about, creates not just physical health issues in your child, that you already know about, but pests and filthy surroundings also have psychological health hazards on children and adults as well.

You may want to consult the Psychologist for your mental health (try Yoga and Meditation instead) and the renowned Pest Control Companies in Mumbai for your Physical health.

Now let us take our feet forward to mental realms of disorders and their connections with Pests. Yes, those pests that we call tiny crawling creatures of the unknown world of their own.

Pest Phobias:-

I had lot of phobias while growing up. I still remember the phobia I had with water, but still I overcame that phobia with water while I learnt to swim in just 4 days. But there was another phobia I used to battle with, The Spider Phobia. I remember scanning my household all day to encounter a spider in some dusty corner and asking adults to clean them up. Spiders can be heavy on your mind if you are a kid fond of theatrical Spiderman and such performances. You might really expect a spider to bite so you may release the web at your neighboring building, unless you encounter a real spider with 8 legs crawling on your hand and that’s when the spider phobia creeps in. In scientific term the fear of Spider is known as Arachnophobia.  

Women are more likely to be having this Arachnophobia, making them vulnerable when confronted with spider. Traumatic experience regarding some past encounter with spiders may trigger unwanted reaction in the face of spiders.

The fear of Cockroaches is known as Katsaridaphobia. We obviously know someone in general who has this phobia. Remember, as a kid we used to play this prank about cockroach being around, little did we know that phobias are not just a fear towards an insect or a thing, they are mental disorders of our own making, environment just facilitates that fear, which in turn becomes a lifelong obsession.

A person with general phobia of insects known as Entomophobia, at any cost tries to avoid a particular insect or any insect in general. The encounter of such insects triggers extreme anxiety and constant flow of thoughts that a normal person may not understand. A person may become restless of the sight of that insect, like I usually get restless on the sight of lizards, especially in the dark closed room. A person might experience sweating, trembling, choking sensation which otherwise they do not experience. This sensation then creates a benchmark for phobia. Even if a person is feeling such a sensation naturally, he may run into thoughts of possible encounter with the insect. He loses the sight at his imagination and creates unwanted fear, which may degrade his mind if it goes on for longer duration.

One has to therefore consult Professional Pest Control  Services , which with their expertise clean your household. And all with your mental Health, we may suggest you to consult a psychologist or do some morning meditation by using some apps.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:-

This is yet another kind of mental disorder usually caused after the traumatic event has taken place. A person with this disorder experiences flashbacks of encounters with some insect she had in the past. She may experience nightmares, irritability, irrational behavior, isolation, etc. A person can acquire PTSD after being swarmed by wasps, bitten by bees, and other unfortunate encounters with cockroaches, mice, and spiders.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:-

There have been instances when people become obsessed with past traumatic incident with pests. The past encounter becomes so horrible to them that start to replay the whole incident in their mind again and again. The thoughts, images and urges keep flashing, making their existence a living nightmare.

Psychological Intervention:-

It is best when a person is faced with such issues as extreme phobias cockroaches, spiders, snakes, bugs, termites one must consult the authority of a psychologists. Who may help you with therapeutic treatment like psychotherapy, which induces the person into remembering of the traumatic event with its tiniest details with dream analysis of a dream related to traumatic event with the pest.

Other therapy include logo-therapy, which induces the person to finder deeper meaning in life, which enable him to go beyond the traumatic event of the person.

Treatments such behavioral therapy enables the person to volunteer exposure of the insect he fears, until the time comes when he fears no more.

One must never underestimate the psychological disasters of such phobias, they may have a long term harmful effect, which may damage the individual.

Prevent any Pest Infestation:-

  • It is foremost important to keep your house clean. Did you know that the Canadian Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson suggest to keep your house clean- Make your Bed In The Morning as the best remedy for the psychological health and a better started for the rest of the day.
  • If you have Pets at home, better keep them clean and tidy, make sure they don’t mess around in some dirty corner, attracting pests not good for health.
  • Keep your house neat and tidy, cleanliness, etc are general advice. But did you know that pests are also attracted to body sweat and food stains on clothes, hence we insist you to wash your laundry from time to time.

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