Bipolar disorder

Things to Know About Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is the mental illness in which a person experiences mood swings. This type of illness can switch your mood extremely happy or is depressed. Nowadays, cases of Bipolar disorder are increasing every day because of the mental pressure, working pressure and burden on us which has now lead to stress.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder includes both medication and psychotherapy because these are extremely helpful in some cases and others are difficult to cure. Bipolar Disorder includes psychotherapy which helps to prevent mood swings, change negative, and indifferent attitude, removes harmful thoughts from the minds of the patient. IPSRT (interpersonal and social rhythm therapy) is also an important tool in Treatment for Bipolar Disorder.

What is a person with Bipolar like?

A person looks normal in Bipolar Disorder. According to the mood swings, a person may become highly energetic at some point & eventually and extremely low at the other. He seems to be alright but he is not but mood swings are not in his control.

The person may feel depressed and is likely to lose his life or commit suicide. The person is to be given some psychological attention or family time and demands special attention and treatment. Daily 10, 00,000 people fall prey to Bipolar Disorder every year in India.

Common causes of Bipolar Disorder

Everyone is unique and they have different types of body structure. So, Bipolar Disorder varies with their different body structures. However, the common causes of Bipolar are following:

Hormonal changes, Genetic Disorder, Environmental issues, Biological characteristics, Chemical contrast

Bipolar depression symptoms

Depression is also a symptom of Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar depression symptoms include the following:

A feeling of hopelessness and despair, Sleeping disorder, Anxiety and stress, Thinking about tragic things, Insomnia, Changes in eating habits, Fatigue and restlessness, Sudden weight loss, Uncomfortable, Unhappy, Low attention, Irritation on small issues.

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Physical exam

If you are experiencing certain symptoms of Bipolar Disorder like mood swings, you should go to a doctor to conduct your physical exam and certain tests and detect your problem


Psychiatrist assessment

A recognized psychiatrist may examine your symptoms, recognize your problem, and may even counsel you.

Mood assessment

The doctor carefully examines the changes in your mood and symptoms.

Comparison with characteristics

The doctor shall compare your symptoms with the characteristics of standard Bipolar Disorder, than he may draw the required statistics and diagnose the disease.

Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

Who is depressed has more chances to commit suicide than a normal person for he is unhappy with his being. Mood swings can end up a person losing his life. 30%-70% of suicides are committed by the patients of depression.

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