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Top 7 Ideas for Healthcare Digital Marketing


Healthcare Digital Marketing Ideas for Hospitals & Doctors

Healthcare Digital Marketing is the process of adopting the digital transformation in terms of marketing a particular Hospital or Healthcare Organization with the help of the Internet. Digital marketing includes mobile marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more. Since digital marketing is affordable as well as an effective way of marketing when compared to traditional methods, Healthcare Industry Cannot Miss Out on Digital Marketing.

Why Healthcare Digital Marketing is Important?

Healthcare Digital Marketing is Important because of the High level & Increased Competition in the Healthcare Industry, Hospitals and Doctors are turning to digital marketing to improve their Awareness, Visibility and Lead generation.

With the help of Digitalization, each and every person is becoming more smarter & educated to do his own research about a particular healthcare product or service, According to a Research 77 Percent of Patients conduct an online search before making an appointment with a Doctor or before stepping into the Hospital.

With the help of Digital Marketing, Hospitals & Doctors can save plenty of money which they are spending on old and traditional offline marketing methods such as Hoardings, Paper Ads, TV Ads, etc.

Top 7 Ideas for Healthcare Digital Marketing

  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. GMB
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Online Reputation Management
  7. Trying it All Together

Meditwitt is a Healthcare Digital Marketing Company that offers affordable Digital Marketing Services for Hospitals & Doctors, We have Listed and Described the 7 Best Healthcare Digital Marketing Ideas/Techniques which will help you to grow your business Revenues, Visibility, and Brand Awareness and saves most your budget of marketing.

1) SEO – Search Engine Optimization:-

It is a process of optimizing the Website to Rank Higher on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With the Help of SEO, you can Rank on the First Page of the “Google – Widely Used Search Engine” on your desired keywords.

SEO will help your Healthcare Website to get enough number of high-quality traffic and Leads. In simple words, if someone is searching “Best Hospital Near Me” on Google and your website came upon the top of the Search Engine Result Page, He is more likely to click on your website and once he saw his desired services he will book an appointment with your Hospital.

SEO will help you to increase your online sales and visibility on Search Engines, with help of SEO you can target the particular Location, Service or Treatment Name which you offer, SEO is completely FREE unless you higher the Best SEO Company.

Doctors or Healthcare individuals can’t do the SEO because it will take time and patience and it required an SEO Expert with plenty of experience who is working in the same field for years. We at Meditwitt offer the Most affordable SEO Services for Hospitals and Doctors to increase their existing revenues.

2) SMM – Social Media Marketing:-

In this Digital Era, Social Media plays a very important role in terms of Marketing, Now a days each and every person is on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Social Media is considered as “Digital Word of Mouth” because if you post unique content on social media people will share it with their friends, family, and other community groups and it’s nothing but a Digital Word of Mouth.

Social media can be used to engage with patients, support physicians, and improve population health outcomes. Healthcare social media marketing strategies may include participating in community discussions, networking, and promoting information about population health.

Now a days each and every doctor and hospitals have their on page/profiles on social media and they will share the photos of their service quality and success rate of their treatment in terms of “Before and After Photos” and such content will get shares, likes and comments. But if you want an advanced Social Media Campaign and Daily Creativity posts to promote your services then you have to hire an Social Media Marketing Company which will help you reach the right audience and help you to get good quality leads from social media.

3) GMB – Google My Business:-

As you all know Google is offering a Free local Listing which is known as Google My Business Profile. It will appear right after the paid ads and before the Organic Results, Most of the people prefer to click on these listings because google will show them the nearest and highly rated Hospital or Clinic near them.

GMB Listings will attract more customers and they will get more number of clicks in terms of Direct Calls, Website Visits & Direction Requests the specific clinic or Hospital. These listings are integrated in combination of Google Search and Google Maps and they are specially known to increase your local sales around your hospitals.

But appearing in the Top position of a local search is bit difficult and it require an expert to optimize your listing for getting more visibility and clicks on your Hospital Listing. We at Meditwitt have an expert team which deals with your positive as well as negative reviews of your listings, Dialy postings on your profile, etc.

4) Content Marketing:-

Content Marketing is on trend now! There are differnt types of content such as Text Content, Image Content and Video Content. If you are providing high quality and rich content to your users for what they are searching then they are more likely to convert into your customers.

As you all know content is everywhere right from the Text Book to Facebook, and it required an expert to create it. We at Meditwitt having an expert and highly qualified team of Content Writers who are expert in writing medical content, we have team of graphic designers who are expert in creating attractive image content and the team of video editors/ Video shooters are expert in providing the Best Video Content for Hospitals and Doctors.

5) Video Marketing:-

As you all know Video is the future because going forward most of the people avoid reading content and they are more likely to watch the videos, Now a days most of the Audience is leaning towards visual content.

According to Wordstream, one-third of online activity is spent watching video. If you can get your Doctors on camera speaking about their area of expertise, it inevitably will add to their credibility and capture an audience that is out there looking for the same expertise as your physicians have.

Youtube is one of the largest video platform which recives billions of visitors, Now a days most of the Doctors and Hospitals are posting their videos on youtube to get more number of patients and visibility and brand awerness.

In addition, an orthopedic surgeon share videos of patients that have made a miraculous recovery from a knee replacement surgery to build trust among the people & to get more number of patients.

Videos are known to engaging the customer and they are more likely to get higher CTR and Sales pages with video are more effective to convert your visitor into your customer. With the help of Meditwitt you can create high quality videos and our experts will promote your videos throughout all the Digital platforms.

6) Online Reputation Management:-

In the world of Digital Marketing Online Reputation Management is necessary for the healthcare/medical industry. It will help your brand to keep an positive and trustable identity on the internet, It helps to drive public opinion about a business and its products or services.

ORM is necessary for both Doctors & Hospitals to keep their name or Brand name in a poositive way with the help of Good Reviews by the patients.

Tips to Improve Online Reputation of a Doctor/Hospital

  1. Ask your Patients to write reviews.
  2. Ask your Patients to Like and Share your Social Media Page.
  3. Expand your presence in all platforms.
  4. Remove un-wanted ads from your website.
  5. Encourage customers to upload their photos in GMB.
  6. Publicly respond to customer complaints.
  7. Share user-generated content.
  8. Take advantage of tools that monitor your reputation.
  9. Start prioritizing your blogs.
  10. Conduct Q & A Sessions on Social Media

You can follow the above tips to increase your online reputation or you can appoint Meditwitt as your ORM Agency which will take care of your Online Presence and Reputation.

7) Trying it All Together:-

We Personally recommend that Trying it all together is the Best Idea to grow the revenues, Reputaion, trust of your patients & Visibility of your Hospital which leads to a significant change in your brand name and digits of your revenues.

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