Essential tips for skin care

Essential tips for skin care


Skin Care

We are not blessed with a pure environment, unlike our ancestors who had lived a happy life without any major skin problems. You may not have seen our grandparents using cosmetics like we do because they are not habitual of it. We need a moisturizer after bathing, sunscreen when we go out, creams for acne, blemishes, pimples, etc. From our birth to till date, we may have applied tons of creams and powders on our skin.

The point is about stopping the use of cosmetics but somewhere we rely so much on that we forget that there are naturals to treat any problem. We find it easy to buy creams as soon as we witness any skin problem. Yes, natural things don’t show their effect immediately but you will get rid of your skin problems forever.

Ask your grandmother what natural ingredients she used to treat her skin problems? She will say rose petals, sandalwood powder, turmeric, gram flour, milk, etc. Now, you may think about how you are going to steal minutes from hours in making DIY masks. Well, there are some smart hacks that you can integrate into your schedule for healthy skincare-

  • Wipe your skin twice a day

When you are out in the environment, pollution, dust, germs, and virus attack our skin. Washing them off is important otherwise, they penetrate deep in your skin making it a breeding ground for infections.

Water alone is not sufficient for this purpose; you can use natural rose water for extra pampering of your skin. Rosewater is easily available at the drug store but the purity of the same is not ensured unless it is steam-distilled. This rose water is made from rose grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful fertilizers. In the process of steam distillation, there is no adulteration hence your pure rose water is actually pure.

  • Gentle exfoliation

Dead skin is the common cause of blackheads and the exfoliation is indeed the best solution. Exfoliation removes dead skin and maintains your original skin. However, you may leave the skin irritated if you don’t treat it gently. Avoid rubbing your skin while exfoliating.

  • Sandalwood

Sandalwood, a natural ingredient, its mention in Ayurveda proves its effectiveness for skin problems. It is available in your nearby store. You just need to pour water in it and your mask is ready. If you don’t have time for this too, use natural sandal water to rejuvenate your skin.

You can also carry this pure sandalwood water anywhere with you. Before an important office meeting, just dab your skin with this toner to get a refreshing look.

  • Sunscreen is must

As you know how important sunscreen is in summer, carry it along with you and apply it whenever you are out on a sunny day. As the skin is the largest organ, it needs defense. Sunscreen shields your skin from harmful sun-rays and also keeps your morning fresh look intact for the whole day.

Apart from these tips, drink plenty of water in summer and take adequate sleep.

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