Handcrafted Jewelry

Top 10 Reasons to Love Handcrafted Jewelry


Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry is a masterpiece designed with passion and love. This is not just something you’re wearing just for the sake of fashion. The personal attention and love put into their work by the makers and artisans are evident in the works of art they produce. It is why handcrafted jewelry is more of an investment than its mass-produced counterparts that most folks don’t understand. These 10 reasons will help you decide and choose between a piece of unaffordable jewelry and for a good quality handcrafted jewelry.

  1. Trust & Understanding

Many artisans themselves create and deploy their jewelry businesses, allowing you to connect with them one-on-one to establish trust and understanding. You’ll also get a better appreciation for using decent quality materials and techniques as well. Many craftsmen will also work together to develop a customized piece of handcrafted jewelry for your personality and preference in particular

  1. Cost & Affordability

You ‘d be surprised to find that handmade jewelry is at an affordable price. It is partly due to fewer depreciation costs for hand-made jewelry. Similar to items you can find in bigger jewelry stores, the cost of handcrafted jewelry is considerably lower. The time taken to make a brilliantly made piece will take longer, but for years to come you’ll end up with something you will treasure. That the expense of any handcrafted jewelry item you purchase is well worth in itself.

  1. Specially-Crafted and Not Mass Produced

Whether it’s statement necklaces, drop earrings, or cufflinks, handcraft literally means just that. Each piece is made from the maker’s “hands.” Every piece and bits of that jewelry was crafted by the artisan’s expertise.

  1. Quality

For small scale production, it is also expected to be produced of higher quality. The artisans can make production easier from beginning to end. This is why the makers are proud of the products that they are designing. They take pride in each piece they’ve created because they’re sure it fits their norm.

  1. Uniqueness

When you buy handcrafted jewelry, no two pieces are exactly the same. Even if they come from one collection, each piece of jewelry will look unique. Every designer has a specific way to produce every piece of accessories. Buying a handmade piece of jewelry is like buying a piece of artwork.

  1. The Maker’s Process

The maker has a very close connection to each piece they develop or design. The process of designing is key to the value inherent in each piece. Emilie Shapiro talks about her process and says, “There is a very intimate relationship with my work while creating jewelry. I know every curve and line (is) purposely put there. Your energy as a creator goes into the object.”

  1. Sustainability

Jewelry makers are also committed to products that come from sustainable and ethical sources. By practice, being ethical could be much more expensive than taking the simple route and purchasing low priced and shady supplies from the refiner or dealer. Conserving the Environment

  1. Conserving the Environment

Most handcrafted jewelry is made of scrap or waste. The waste may come from plastic pollution, cartons, steel brass, and other soot that have been found lying aimlessly around it. What the artisans do is they sweep up every piece of waste and then slowly and deliberately craft it into an item of beauty.

  1. Builds a Connection

The handcrafted jewelry style is purely aesthetic. When an artist produces a piece of art, they pour out their heart, pouring all their energy into it. Therefore, you become a part of a unique feeling when you buy such a unique piece. You also associate with some of the artisan’s traditions and culture.

  1. You will stand Out of the Crowd

The first thing that tops anything about handcrafted jewelry is the craft’s individuality. If you’ve created anything for you, you’re sure you won’t find someone else with the same style. Like the jewelry made industrially, yours will stand out and its beauty won’t go unnoticed.

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