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Traditional Wear of Gujarat, Punjab, and Rajasthan

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Traditional Wear

All men and women have different styles of costumes for them. They would like to wear it on occasions as per their custom and tradition. The dresses of different places are truly attractive and impressive.

The traditional wear of some states is so popular that it can also be found in the garment stores in different states. For example, the ladies ethnic wear in Amravati is one stop store that avails the collection of traditional wears of different states.


Let us discuss some costumes that are popular in India. These costumes are not only popular in that particular state, but it is also appreciated and worn by other state people.


The dress costumes for Gujarat are always found very colourful and attractive. The females wore mostly sari and Ghaghara. You can also say it a Chania choli. Chania choli is three pieces set. It contains blouse, Ghaghara and a long dupatta similar to half sari you can say it. The blouse and Ghaghra of these three pieces set are decorative. It can be embroidered, batik prints, tie and dye, or glass work. The dupatta either can be plain or lightly decorated. Mostly, a lace is sewn at the borders of dupatta.

Saris are mostly seen in bright colours. The bandhani print sari of Gujarat is famous in every corner of India. It is greatly appreciated by any age women for both casual and occasional wear.

Chania choli is worn by any age girls and women, especially during Navaratri. You can see females wearing these famous Gujarat costumes in every state during those nine days of Navaratri celebration.

If you are really interested to buy one for you or any of your known people, then you can try looking in ladies ethnic wear in Amravati which has the unique collections of Chania choli.

Gujarat is not only famous for ladies special attires, but the men over here also wear the different style of dhoti with frilled top and a head cover like the turban. These are white colour attires and it also comes in decorated pieces in different colours.


Punjabis are proudly known in any corner for their good build physique, daring nature, and love for lassi and food. The main occupation for these Punjabis is agriculture. Both men and women are seen working in the fields. Therefore, their dressing style is somewhat that provides much comfort. Lungis are common wear for both men and women.

Salwar kameez is two pieces dress with a long dupatta which they mostly used to cover their front upper body and head as well. Kameez is the top shirt up to thigh length mostly. Salwar is the other half of dress that is worn in the legs. It is tied at the waist. It is a loose garment highly pleated with at the top to provide easy movements.

When you will visit ladies ethnic wear in Amravati, you will see the special red colour heavy embroidered marriage dresses for Punjabi females. Nowadays, there comes readymade traditional wear for every size women. But, still, many females favour wearing tailored dresses. Boutiques are the right places to get the desired dress tailored in your choicest pattern and colours. If you want to get the special collection of tailored dresses at an affordable cost, you can get in touch with ladies fashion boutique in Amravati.

The females also wear Ghaghara and long blouse with dupatta on many occasions. But, their main costume is Salwar and kameez. It is said to be most comfortable for any females and the same is worn by females all over the country.


Rajasthan is known as a land of sand. The traditional dress of this is somewhat similar to Gujarat.

The females wear Ghaghra and a long loose blouse with collar and full or 3/4th sleeves. They also add them with dupatta covering their head. Their occasional dressings are beautiful and gorgeous.

For casual wear, their clothing is made from cotton fabric. The Ghaghra has much more gathering compare to chania choli of Gujarat. The dupatta is used as a veil by females. Most of their dresses are decorated with hand embroidery. They also hand stitch the glassworks in the Ghaghra.


Traditional wear can be a sign of that particular state. Every state has its own traditional wear that is running from ages. Dresses are not only mean to cover the physical parts, but the traditional dresses also reveal the cultures and traditions of that particular state.

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