Types of Kurtis

Types of Kurtis


Types of Kurtis

Denim Kurti:

Denim has overtaken the jeans industry and found its base in shirts as well as in the ethnic world of Kurtis. It’s time to give up the usual shirts and jackets and choose Kurti jeans instead for a sturdy sporty look for the day. Denim kurtis can be worn as shirt dresses or paired with trendy socks.

Kurti with jacket:

Inspired by Parineeti’s “Ishaqzaade” look, kurtis combined with contrasting jackets are all the rage in the world of haute couture. Kurtis with trendy jackets can create a flashy or elegant look depending on how you want to wear it!

Empire Kurti size:

Inspired by the empire waist dress, these kurtis unravel from the bust and run down the length. Pair them with matching leggings or simply wear them like a dress, the level of elegance is entirely up to you!

Kurti on several levels:

Adding layers of original fabric to the usual Kurti cult is a matter of creativity in the fashion industry. Tiered Kurtis add volume to the usual body frame and look extremely classy when worn with trendy socks and accessories.

Cape Style Kurti:

Cape has always been a popular fashion trend. And now, Indian fashionistas have taken this trend to a whole new field by using it in Kurtis. These ultra-chic indo western kurtis are a great choice to turn heads wherever you go.

Kurta with pocket:

Nothing can give your ethnic outfit a contemporary touch better than pocket details. This versatile model is absolutely an essential addition to all modern Indian women.

Kurti cold shoulder:

Cold Shoulder is the coolest trend in town and you can also wear it like a pro with your kurtis. If you’re looking forward to glamorizing the ethnic look with a modern twist, then try this trend.

Frock Style Kurti:

This one is the perfect choice to show off your girly girly side. With a typical rocket at the end, these kurtis are known to provide a nice Indo-Western look. So be sure to try to surprise your peers.

Cowl Kurti:

Cowl kurti is must try the kurti fashion statement. It comes with an asymmetrical draped draped hem which falls differently to enhance the fashion appeal of kurti. Cowl kurti is perfect for fashion-conscious women who want to create a wow effect during the holidays.

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