How advancement in Aviation transportation helped mankind ?


How advancement in Aviation transportation helped mankind ?

With the invention of wheel, world has stepped generations ahead to a totally different era of mankind. Now we have many methods of transportation, depending on the purpose, budget and requirement. One of it Being air transport, which has shrunk the world like a tennis ball. It has benefited mankind to a large extend  in term of globalization. Not forgetting that it is also detrimental in terms of pollution which it creates.

Necessity for life

To begin with it is the fastest way of transportation and also gives opportunities to explore Overseas countries. It also helps small business by supporting them in terms of export and import. For instance kiwi, the national fruit of New Zealand, is imported to India by aviation transport .

Secondly it enables cultural exchange of ideas between countries giving birth to improvisation and enhancement of living standard of human being. Apart from all these air transport is time saving and helps to fulfill the dreams of flying like bird. Most important by this method man has reached to all those places where he was unable to reach during  natural disaster conditions such as flood and forest fire etc.

On the other side, it is not only costly but also it causes too much air / noise pollution . It also consumes large amount of  non renewable resources, fossil fuels , in order to generate enormous energy required by it.Directly or indirectly it has great impact on countries culture because of westernization it brought. It is not within the pocket of a poor man to use this methods  and only influential person can afford it.


To sum up, although it has some cons but it give a lot of opportunities to people in different fields. For Example possibility of education from foreign Universities  to all the students and increasing their employment chances in different countries . So its benefits out wait its demerits, making it a wonderful invention of human period.

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