How to mix Interior Design styles

How to mix Interior Design styles

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How to mix Interior Design styles

It has always been a great question and problem for many. Some of them have raised this question because you are trying to combine multiple decors with other existing pieces. Some need to make minor transitioning between styles work because things run out of the budget. Sometimes there is a situation of furniture not fitting in an exact way or it is difficult to incorporate.

There is no real rule to stick to the interior design style. You can mix many things into one piece and a mid-century modern table with any chair of choice. Exposed brick does not mean the house is incomplete, needs decoration or exclusively some major design elements. The raw bricks can also add to the overall interior of the place.

Depending on individual needs, the interior design styles needs to reflect who you are. You might want your home to look beautiful and cohesive but also want to let your personality shine. If there is something you love or want to integrate it, you can work it into your designs.

Every time you need to change the furniture or buy something for your interior, there is no need to always redecorate everything else to match up things. You can mix interior design styles in your home without looking strange. Use simple guidelines to combine and incorporate favorite pieces. Read on to learn some of the best tips for mixing interior design styles.

Unity with Colour

Colour is the greatest unifier, so utilizing a strong shading plan can make about any shape or style go together. In the event that you have a brilliant, fun love couch or seat, make it a central piece by including accents of a similar colour in a bit of workmanship, a vase or some different accessories. Keep whatever is left of your palette muted or neutral to permit the standout thing to truly have an effect.

Add bright colours to make conventional pieces feel out of control, current and new. A layer of bright paint can in a split second modernize practically any piece. Soften standout bright colours with an unbiased palate of taste on surrounding pieces and repeat the colour in a different room in several spots. Some fun shading mixes to attempt are: bright pink or turquoise with delicate mint; ruby red with delicate blue, dark or khaki; an intense poppy orange with cool, dusty greens, blues and corals; or brilliant yellow with a naval force, dim, dark or maroon.

Link Styles with a Few Pieces

So you have some conventional pieces with muted colours and classic curves and you’re looking to add some modern, sleek flair? While one thing would stand out like a sore thumb, a couple of present-day things all through will make cohesiveness and a purposeful inclination to the style.

Present day and conventional pieces play well together in this contemporary kitchen and front room. The muted colours and classic curves fit consistently with the smooth, present-day structures in light of the fact that there are a couple of pieces from each style.

Use Art to Combine Styles

One of the best things about wall art and sculpture in your design is the art that can be used to combine a variety of interior design styles. All modern art pieces and abstract to a room of all traditional furniture and a good pair of landscape with modern furniture.

Combine Textures

Bring nature into your designs with all interesting shapes and textures. Combining multiple textures and pairing different items with the same or different tone can efficiently change the way home looks.

Repeat Graphic Patterns

Animal prints and wild, graphic patterns play surprisingly well with works of art. Search for striking realistic highly contrasting prints, solid floral or patterns that are geometric and repetitive. Animal print is another incredible “neutral” that can add interest and fun to practically any style.

Watch Size and Scale

In addition to creating a combination with texture and colour pay close attention to sizes and scale. Keep items similarly sized and scale them accordingly to get along and play nicely together. You can also create interesting displays by getting together small items together, getting in and adding interest to any area of the room.

Interior designing is a long term journey which takes into consideration multiple factors where combination and permutation of ideas and things match up to have a considerable amount of output depending on the taste and desires of the people. It needs a long term practice and good guidance to build up a career as Interior designer. .Many Institues offer provides the Best Interior design course in Pune and also is been recognised as the Best Interior Designing college in Pune.

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