How Women Are Changing Lives through Lifestyle Blogging

How Women Are Changing Lives through Lifestyle Blogging


Modern Lifestyle Blogging changing lives

Around 7 out of every 10 Modern lifestyle bloggers are women. This is probably because women are more concerned over lifestyle issues such as travelling, fashion, food and parenthood as compared to men. However, most lifestyle blogs have very different beginnings. In fact, some women don’t even initially know that they are Modern lifestyle bloggers.

That is why it is prudent to first understand what exactly constitutes lifestyle blogging.  When you take a look at some of the best lifestyle blogs around, you will pick out a common trend. Most of them share their personal interests and happenings in their daily lives. In other words, these blogs are more about the author than the readers. This, therefore, means than lifestyle blogs are very personalized. They are like public diaries representing the author’s interests and daily activities.

The content of lifestyle blogs are often inspired by the author’s location, age, experiences and personal interests. Although this may sound egocentric, these blogs actually inspire or change their follower’s lives in a number of ways. For example, when lifestyle bloggers share their travelling itinerary, they are in a way helping their readers plan their travelling accordingly when they visit the same places.

Some of the most influential niches of lifestyle blogging include fashion, beauty, health, self-improvement and fitness. Most of the best lifestyle blogs are based on these niches and effectively help readers lead more meaningful lives. Other notable niches are travel, food, family, home, recipes, design and décor.

Most of the best lifestyle blogs started only with one of these niches and slowly adopt new ones as the blog grows. More niches help bloggers reach wider reader base and may also give birth to a viable business.

The Money Factor

In order to stay afloat and competitive, most lifestyle bloggers monetize their blogs. Monetization helps authors provide more content and give their readers more effective lifestyle tips. There are different ways lifestyle bloggers can monetize their travel food life style blog.

One of the most popular is through influencer marketing. Most lifestyle bloggers become influencers by default. After amassing a huge reader base and social media fans, brands can use them to promote products on their blogs and social media accounts at a fee.

Another monetization method is affiliate marketing where bloggers promote products from brands or ecommerce sites and are paid commissions every time people make purchases using their unique links.

They can also use Pay per click advertising such as Google Adsense where they are paid a certain amount every time readers view or click on ads.


With the right strategy and content, lifestyle bloggers can directly influence the lives of other women by simply sharing their daily lives and interests.

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