Pre Wedding Tips

Pre Wedding Tips for Gorgeous Look on D-Day


Pre Wedding Tips

Rome was not built in a day, nor is the flawless glow. It is not a one-day business because you need to work in that direction for 8-9 months. Every bride desires to look flawless from tip to toe. If you are a bride-to-be, get your hairstylist and dermatologist tuned with your preparation. As you are going to be a bride soon so you can’t afford a drastic change in your skin and hair.

Yes, you need to go out in the sun for shopping and all but don’t expose your skin too much. If possible, complete your shopping 8 months before and pamper yourself till your wedding day. If in 8 months you have engagement also, look for the person who can give you the best engagement makeup . If possible, don’t wear makeup after your engagement. Makeup is harsh on our skin and can damage our skin potentially. You may get the best bridal makeup but it will be only for one day but by following tips you will get the natural glow for a longer time-

8 Months Before:

Eight months are a long duration to ensure glowing skin on your D-day if you are consistent in your routine. Ensure you remain on water surplus for the entire eight months. Inculcate the routine of exercise, join gym or yoga classes but keep yourself up by doing daily exercise. Morning walk in the fresh air also helps a lot. Having deeply breathed in fresh air removes stress which aids in getting glow to your skin.

6 Months Before:

If you have only six months left for preparation, you have to be extra careful with your skin. If you have spots or marks on your skin which you want to remove, consult a dermatologist near you. Increase the amount of citrus food in your diet as citrus food is rich in vitamin C and pulls dark spots off to your skin. Oranges, strawberry, kiwi, papaya are a good source of vitamin C.

Four months before:

Strictly follow your diet for the perfect figure in these four months. You will indeed witness the glow if you have followed the right strategy from the last four months. Now, in this time, you need to add on to your efforts by being extra careful to your skin. Don’t try any skin product or new DIY skincare technique. Stay in touch with your dermatologist and strictly follow prescribed medicine. It is time to focus on your eyes.

1 Month Before:

You may not only see a change in your skin but also in your mood. It may sound cliché but you are what you eat but if you have seriously taken your diet, you will feel the change soon.

10 Days Before:

 After removing every possible flaw from your body, it is time to polish everything out. Pre-bridal services are mostly offered in any salon along with bridal services. Ensure that you don’t put any new product on your skin or try any new haircut.

You will surely bring the natural glow on your face if you follow these tips rigorously. On small occasions before the wedding day, you will need light makeup. You just need an artist who can give you the best eye makeup in Lucknow.

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