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Terrace Garden And Balcony Design

Terrace garden and balcony is place in your house where you can refresh your senses, calm your nerves. Balcony and terrace garden is an area which add privacy, pleasure and comfort in your lifestyle. It’s a perfect getaway with in your house for recreation. 7WD interiors are here to make your choiciest dreams come true for your perfect balcony where you can enjoy the sunrise or for the matter have leisurely breakfast while enjoying melodious chirping of the birds.A quick business tea meeting also would be very welcoming in the spacious balcony or enjoy a romantic dinner under the moonlit sky. Today 7WD is here to share with you some of the trending balcony and terrace garden ideas and tips to create it.

Apartment Balcony:

According to available space You can fix small pendant or hanging lights and set perfect relaxing mood .You can add comfort by placing small glass table with cushioned chair.

Small Balcony:

If you have a small house by adding tiny or hanging balcony you can create soothing ambiance and comfort value for your house. You can go for bamboo or cane chairs for sitting arrangement. Make sure you organized enough plants, flower and hanging potted plants to get that perfect look.

Balcony Garden:

You can be creative and innovative with balcony garden for example you can attach glass decks and place small flower-pots there. You can beautify the place with tall indoor herbs and seasonal plants.

Outdoor Balcony:

Outdoor balconies are huge ,airy and have nice breathing space. You can create lavish sitting area with wooden flooring and sheds surrounded with greenery (potted plant).

Terrace Balcony:

It’s a fine area to create lavish balcony. You can craft luxurious balcony by installing wrought iron furniture or well-cushioned sofas.

Enclosed Balcony:

You can generally find enclosed balconies in office and corporate houses. The main benefits of an enclosed balcony is it’s sound proof and you can adore outside view from wide glass window.

Victorian Balcony:

These balconies are true architectural beauty they are characterized by conical tops and sloping roof. You can go with brighter shade of white or cream to acquire high degree of sophistication.

Rustic Balcony:

For rustic look your balcony should be well furnished and railings should be made up of weathered wood. With Plank flooring and vintage furniture for sitting you can craft elegant ambiance.

Tips for creating terrace garden:

Keep it open : With transparent glass wall and railing your rooftop will look more airy and specious.

Create a green paradise: Grow tall plants and trees and craft your own mini garden do maximum plantation around the wall. Prefer bamboo and grass for low maintenance. For ultimate look maintain diversity in plant size.

Combo of three colours: For clutter free look don’t use more then three colour. Select one colour as main and two as supporting colour. Choose neutral colour like white, grey and beige and indigo which will highlight the beauty of your plant.

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