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Tips For Designing Pool


Designing Pool

If you are one of those who have a dream of a picture perfect pool but don’t know how to transform your dream pool into reality. Well, then you are lucky because 7WD is going to share with you simple step-by-step processes to select the right pool shape, size and materials. so what are you waiting for? Lets dive in!

Step one: select right size and type of pool

Confused how to select right size and type of pool? Here some of the questions you need to consider:

  • How much space do you want to use?
  • At a time how many people are going to use the swimming pool?

There are three kinds of pools: Fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete.

  • Vinyl liner and concrete pools are more preferable from the designing point of view because you can modify their shape and size very easily.
  • Fiberglass pool cannot be customized but they are becoming more and more popular now a days due to their beauty, low maintenance, durability, and speedy installation.

Step Two: Play with shape

When it comes to pool shapes, you have limited choice, but 7WD is here with some of the chief trending shape styles to make your selection easy.

Rectangular Pool: It’s one of the all time favourite and most common geometric shape used for outdoor pools.

Freeform Pool: They can take any shape. They are basically a non-linear pool with flowing lines.

Vanishing Edge or Infinity Edge Pools: Here sides of pools are lowered so water can spill over the pool and it will give the effect of vanishing waterline.

Round shape: If you are bored with the standard rectangular look then you should opt for the round shape.

Lagoon Pool: A lagoon pool is a freeform of pool with an enhanced twisting shape.

Roman End Pool: This classic shape is popular in many countries. It has a squared end with a centered arch.

Step 3: Add special features to your pool

Greenery: You don’t need massive landscaping to make your pool exotic, only few Italian cypresses can give your plain pool area the look of an exotic retreat.

Bring the Outside In: This connecting indoor to outdoor pool is so architecturally striking and prominent, you can swim from indoors to outdoors depending on your mood and the season.

Blend Infinity Pool With Jacuzzi: By adding several levels to the infinity pool you can have a separate Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

Indoor Pool: It’s a great idea to convert your basement into an indoor pool.

Channel Your Favourite Destination: Bring your favourite destination to your pool side. Transform your pool side into Tuscany with burnt orange umbrellas, cypress trees, terra cotta tiles and oversized planters.

Step 4 Seating area:

Natural Shade: If you have lots of tree cover in your backyard build your pool around it and craft some natural shade it will create an enchanting atmosphere.

All white: An all-white sitting area and a sleek background with a raffia roof hanging over it creates a perfect ambience for private pool parties.

Kids-Friendly: Build a water slide and play house structure which is the best way for making your kid’s summer memories


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