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Nine Things You Didn’t Know About the Nokia N9

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According to the latest chart data in 2013, Nokia was ranked second in popularity in the smartphone world, while Samsung still ranked first. Nokia’s popularity is nothing but the result of its products that sell well in global markets. One of Nokia’s smartphones that attracts attention is Nokia N9. The smartphone that carries the MeeGo operating system initially faltered during its launch because Nokia still doubted the response to the MeeGo smartphone in the public. After the launch of Nokia N9, there were some parties who were enthusiastic about its presence. But there were some who doubted because the operating system that was carried on this smartphone. Here are 9 things I want to share with you about Nokia N9 that you did not know about that:

NFC Chip

The first MeeGo phone from Nokia is also supplied with a NFC chip (Near Field Communication). Which should facilitate the production of connections to headsets and other Bluetooth devices. In future, the user only has to touch the headset slightly with the phone and they are connected.


F-22 fighter jet made from polycarbonate and the same material used in Nokia N9.


Forgot to silent your phone, if you have N9 then do not worry about that through pressing any keys you can turn it face down to silent without hang up.


It has some stand by screen space for small customizable image. Games can consist of the capability to disable the swipe function to prevent by chance minimizing the sport while gambling. The digital camera architecture is open on the N9. So third-birthday party digicam applications and uncooked get admission to is possible later on.


The AMOLED display of the Nokia N9 works with a resolution of 854×480 pixels.  To Increase ease of use, it uses slightly curved screen made up of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass covering the entire Screen. In addition, Nokia has provided the display with a coating that reduce reflections.


External Devices, such as laptops, also can use N9 as a modem to access Internet. It does not start the call timer automatically when call is connected. When call is initiated it started.


In deeper scratches the polycarbonate body is not harm.


For protecting from tear and wear it has two leather carrying cases and four stylish hard covers.


It can connect not only headset or speaker but also connect with NFC devices all types of links, music, contacts, photos, documents and exchange links.


Previously many thought that the Nokia N9 uses Anna’s Symbian instead of the Meego OS because the interface is similar to its similar icons. But later proved if the Nokia N9 carries the Meego operating system. Unfortunately, the development of this OS did not run smoothly because Nokia had a political interest with Microsoft which finally decided to develop Windows Phone OS on the next Nokia products.

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