Best Shopping Place for Ladies in Hong Kong

Best Shopping Place for Ladies in Hong Kong


Ladies Market- Best Shopping Place for Ladies in Hong Kong

On either side of narrows streets you will see stalls once you enter Ladies Market. Here from pencil boxes, school bags, trousers, fancy watches, designer t-shirts, half pants, purses, etc you can buy everything.

The prices are quite affordable but here is where in handy your bargaining power will come during your Hong Kong Tours. With the shopkeepers you can bargain and you can save about a few hundred dollars at the end of the day. And Souvenirs such as Chinese umbrellas, Chinese table mats, etc can also be bought.

Hence only at Ladies Market you get the best deals. However don’t forget to visit the concrete shops if you are interested in electronics. Around Ladies Market There are plenty of them.

Street Markets

To find fake designer products, cheap souvenirs, bags, knick knacks and other fashion wears, Street markets are a great place.

This traditional way of shopping in this ultra-modern city is still very popular. Here even if you dislike doing that you need to bargain like the local to enjoy your trip and it is often very noisy. After all of coming to street markets this is part of the fun during your Lantau Tours in Hong Kong.

One of the more popular one to get to is the Temple Street Night market in Kowloon.

Selling from fancy local cuisines, Cantonese snacks to simple noodles soup most market has food stalls which are an excellent way to experience and taste the street culture.

Alongside the Ladies Market There are some top branded stores. Hence from the cheapest to the most expensive form one area you can buy everything. There is the Festival Walk Mall as well as the Elements Mall where you get branded goods. Around the Mong Kok station there are many drink and restaurant options. You can also have Airport layover Hong Kong.

Pizza Hut is very near and with people this place is brimming throughout the day. In order to get a table you will have to wait round 20 minutes but as the place is quite happening with young boys and girls ordering their favorite pizzas, the wait is worth it.

The Ladies Market in the whole of Hong Kong has the distinction of being the largest outdoor shopping area. Hence the shopkeepers will have a field day with you if you don’t learn the tricks of bargaining quickly. Hence any price that they quote must never be offered.  Among things to do in Hong Kong you can enjoy shopping too.

Buying Tips

For at least 50%you must bargain. Hence you should quote about 50 HKD if you are quoted a price of 100 HKD. Hence from the Ladies Market you can take home lots of products. Till about 11.30 pm the market is open at night and in the evening the crowds pour in normally.

Situated across Temple Street you can also try the Night Market apart from the Ladies Market. To buy electronics such as mobiles and digital cameras this is a good market. This market rightfully deserves the name of Night Market as it is open throughout the night.

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