Journey Beyond The 3D Experience With A Full Dome Projection System

Journey Beyond The 3D Experience With A Full Dome Projection System


Full Dome Projection System

Are you ready to give your audience an influential interactive experience that they will never forget? Venture beyond just the standard 3D experience. Take it to a whole new level with a superior full dome project system. Capture the crowd’s attention and take them on an exciting adventure to multiple universes through a 360° dome projection planetarium. You’ll be sure to wow your guests with an immersive collective experience as they travel through a display of mesmerizing animated shows.

One Of A Kind Experience

If you are looking to display an unforgettable promotion and draw the crowd to your tent, there’s no doubt that a full dome projection system will not only spark curiosity, awe, and attention, but will leave your audience wanting more! However, The curved surface of a full dome theater and influential multi-sensory impact provides a unique and different experience given the planetarium’s realistically-dimensional projection for the ultimate educational and shared interactive experience.

Interactive Environment

Take storytelling to a whole new level through digital mapping and project your reality and vision onto the dome’s surface for all to experience collaboratively! The possibilities are endless, giving you the freedom to create and turn your imagination into reality. A dome projection planetarium is the ultimate educational platform allowing your audience to interact with one another and experience the breathtaking realistic projection collectively. Unlike the standard individual 3D goggle experience, full dome projections allows for interactive engagement giving the crowd an experience to never forget.

Display Your Brand

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and custom graphics to digitally print onto the dome’s tensile-strength geodome tent frame with your logo and brand on it! Custom imprinted covers are available for you to showcase your logo, trademark, or original work with visually eye-catching graphics that look unique and bold. Dome tent covers are extremely sturdy can resist even the harshest of weather conditions due to its durable fire retardant and water-mildew resistant material.

Temperature Qualities

The geometric structural design of a dome tent makes it convenient for you to host your event during any season or weather conditions. The remarkable geometry used in the construction of dome tents can resist even the harshest of weather circumstances. The overhanging truss system allows for unobstructed air to circulate naturally, easily accommodating heating and cooling systems keeping your guests comfortable in both extreme cold or hot conditions.

Portable and Easy Installation

Dome planetariums are portable and simple to set up on any turf. Install an interactive full dome projection system anywhere! No matter where your event takes place, dome tents are portable and easy to install. Dome tents can also  be conveniently delivered to your location of choice and can be installed by you or a trained field team.

Above all you’ll be sure to attract everyone to your dome and leave the crowd in awe and wonder as they explore the world of your unique storytelling through the persuasive power of a visually immersive full dome projection system. Hence, Immerge your audience and capture the heart of each individual activating every sense, taking them to a whole new reality and experience to remember.

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