Portable Band Saw

Choosing a Portable Band Saw


Portable Band Saw

In your household it is a necessary device. A cutting mechanism is A Portable band saw. With teeth along its edge it has a blade of a continuous metal band, which to cut different materials is intended. The blade on it has two or three wheels usually.

From different sources the Portable bandsaws power can be received of the saw: electrical motor, wind, water. You can cut a great variety of other materials or it is used for metal cutting, or wood cutting. Its portability is another one advantage. Where you need you can easily move it.


Two main features are there in the Portable band saw: the throat and the depth of cut. A very important point is the size of the motor too. Band saws depending on the type of blades are used for metal cutting, wood cutting, or for cutting other different materials.

To give you consistent cuts the cabinet models technically a more structured frame and have larger motors. However, if you do things right you can still get professional-looking results if you’re opting for a smaller one.

Now, from the vertical frame of the saw’s body to the blade the throat is the distance. So the width of the cut will be determined by this distance, which you can complete on the band saw. The motor’s size is another consideration for you.

By its lateral flexibility and the width of the band the radius of a curve that can be cut on a particular saw is determined. On the size of the motor it also depends. And to the main features of the Portable band saw you should pay an attention, which are the throat and depth of cut.

Than just cut curves A high-quality device will do a lot more, it is great for cutting some smaller rabbets and tenons, for sawing thin strips from larger pieces of wood and for ripping small pieces of stock. The Belt Sanders are very efficient.

Of each Band Saw Blades is the indispensable device.

They are divided into 3 groups:

  • Skip Tooth
  • Hook Tooth
  • Regular tooth

Each one of them has its own functions and features. For smoother cuts in all woods regular teeth cutting band is good but for sawing can’t be used. Hook Tooth has 10° rake angle between the easily cuts cogs and hard wood. It is easy in sawing because of using high rake angle.

It can greatly affect its performance if you fail to follow the simple rules of the band saw, and your blades are likely to break.

The smoother cut will be it will cut slower is necessary to know that the more teeth per inch has the cutting blade. It will give you a straighter cut and a wide blade is more stable. You would be able to cut very tight radius if blades are narrow enough. CNC Machines are very reliable.

For the particular job you should always choose as wide a blade as possible. You need know how to choose the best for your benefit if you are going to become a happy owner of the portable band saw.

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