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Mobile Signal Boosters

Over the years, mobile signal boosters have been strengthening their position in the market. Designed to boost signal, there is a lot to know about these boosters. How do they work? What are the reasons for weak signals? And how to buy the perfect booster to enjoy uninterrupted signals.

As mentioned earlier, the main aim of these boosters is to turn weak signals to strong signals and re-broadcast it where it’s needed. Now, that its purpose is established. It’s time to talk about the whole set up. It comprises an outside antenna, amplifier, inside antenna and a cable. Easy and simple components to solve the issue. 

How does it work?

In simple terms, the outside antenna receives the weak signal and the amplifier boosts it and it’s carried to inside antennas through a cable distributing it wherever it is required ensuring seamless connectivity. The boosters work with all 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G LTE. However, there are reasons for weak signals, it’s not just because of the area where it’s a constant problem faced by everyone.

Reasons for Weak Signals

With the advanced technology, it seems unreal to face problems with something so simple. How hard is it to receive signals in this high-tech modern era? Let’s dive into it! The reasons can be divided into internal and outer interference.

Outside Interference

  1. Distance between the tower and home: On one hand, the closer the person is to the tower, the signal would be stronger. On other hand, if a person is farther from the tower, the signal would be weak.
  2. Bad weather: Since phone signals are radio waves only, and they need clear sky to carry the signal to its destination. Areas that are prone to rain/thunderstorm/snow, the reception would be weak irrespective how near the tower is. However, increase/decrease in temperature doesn’t affect the signal as compared to heavy snow or rain.
  3. Mother Nature: As if the above-mentioned things weren’t bad enough, signals at peak of the mountains/hills and due to large trees are often interrupted. 
  4. Man-made interruptions: This includes skyscrapers, tall buildings, huge billboards weaken the signal. These could be the answer in case anyone is wondering why despite living in the best area, the signal is weak.
  5. Overpopulated areas: If living in densely populated areas such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, the cellular towers get overloaded and usually they are able to handle it. But people do face signal problems in these cities. A mobile signal booster could come in handy.

Internal Interference

Construction materials, thick concrete and metals could hamper the signal even when the cellular tower is nearby.

Other factors

Starting with signal strength is one of the factors that one should take into consideration before making an informed decision. Knowing the strength of the signal can prove quite fruitful while choosing a mobile signal booster for home. Sometimes a person can end up buying a booster that is not able to provide the desired results. Make sure to buy from one of the best brands in the market, Seguro! Offering a wide portfolio, this brand offers trustworthy home boosters covering the area up to 3000sq.ft and boosting the signal 32x.

A Glimpse at the Benefits

  • With mobile signal boosters reduces noise and minimize any glitches improving voice clarity 
  • Better data connectivity
  • Easier to install and maintain, these boosters also come with advanced cooling systems
  • Compatible with all service providers
  • Ensures zero call drop leading to seamless connectivity

What it can’t do?

Many people confuse mobile boosters with WiFi boosters. It can’t boost Wi-Fi and it won’t work outside your home. 

Just like people often think that mobile signal boosters can interfere with the Wi-Fi which is not true, likewise, they think that these have ill-health effects. There has been a consistent discussion over the negative impact of these boosters due to radiation. The truth is that these protect from radiation when weak signals are encountered. Similarly, there are other myths that are about to get busted.

The truth 

A few years ago it was believed that these mobile signal boosters were a scam. There was some truth in this and many companies extorted people, however, over the years it is no longer a scam but a truth. Another myth is that these create their own signals which is next to impossible. A few people think that it disrupts Wi-Fi signals due to radio frequencies. What they don’t know is that these don’t use different radio frequencies and interfere, interrupt or degrade each other.

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