gum problems or disease

Gums problem


Gums problem

Gum disease is characterized by gum inflammation called as Gingivitis that can threaten your teeth. Which if not treated can lead to gum disease called periodontitis and other complications. Most of the adults all over the world have some form of gum disease.

What are the symptoms of Gum disease?

Initially during gum inflammation or gingivitis, the bacterial infection builds up a plaque, causing the gums to become inflamed. This can cause gums to bleed easily, bad breathe, bad taste, sensitivity of tooth, redness, irritation of the gum, pain, bleeding of the gums. In later stages it can lead to gum recession where the gum shrinks and looks old giving an
Older look to the teeth.

What are the causes of Gum disease?

There are various factors that can pre-dispose to Gum problems like gingivitis or periodontitis. Some of the causes include inability to maintain a good oral hygiene. It can lead to plaque build-up around the tooth and gum line. Apart from these some other factors include Illness especially like cancer, diabetes and HIV. These interfere with the immune system, Stress, genetic pre-disposition, hormonal imbalance. Some medications like anti-convulsions which causes dry mouth by decreasing the flow of saliva. It is considered to be important to protect the teeth, poor nutrition, and smoking.

One can prevent the gum problems from happening by regular brushing of your teeth twice daily, cessation of smoking, consulting your doctor, maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Tooth Abscess

An abscess is defined as an isolated collection of pus, remnants of blood cells and bacteria. In the Jaw area untreated abscess can lead to life threatening conditions, aside from pain, fever, and difficulties in opening once mouth. There are also painless ways in which abscess can occur. In these cases the patient feels swelling and only hurts when pressure is applied. Abscess in the jaw, mouth and face area are frequently caused by teeth with improperly treated roots, retained wisdom teeth, untreated periodontics and or dead teeth and untreated root problems.

Treatment of tooth abscess

An abscess can be treated by making an incision on the abscess which is necessary for the treatment. This means the abscess is cut open and pus can now be removed; to allow the pus to flow a drainage system is installed. In this case the drainage system is a type of strip, with the help of which the pus can now drain out. The strip is usually removed within in one or two days, through the incision of the abscess and thus it is treated. However, underlying conditions are also needed to be treated in order to fully eradicate the tooth abscess condition.

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