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Home Interior Design under 10K – 100K


Home Interior Design

Everyone has a different personality, they have a distinct taste for foods, and they react in a really strange way under the same circumstances. What I am saying here as you all know that we are unique from inside out. This means every person on this planet is distinguishable from each other in one way or another and this asymmetry creates harmony around us, in which we feel the rhythms of life.

Same as a person every home is different in its own way. The structure, design, people living inside it and the history, these all are characteristics of a home and these characteristics generate unique vibes for every home.

To make it more vibrant we need to define what every home is trying to say and to do that we have to design it artistically.

Let’s see how we can do a home interior design under 10K – 100K?

  • The Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is one of the first places that you have to design and make it the best space in your home. Make sure you select a colour theme for your bedroom which lightens up your mood, like sky blue or light pink. You must have a dresser, a nightstand, a little table to write or do some work, a chair, and also a beautiful sofa is a good idea.

  • Media Room/ Entertainment Center

If anyone in your house is a movie or video game freak, then they will really appreciate the idea of decorating the media room of your home. You can design the entertainment centre of your home with a very minimalistic approach. Try to soundproof the room, give it a dark theme, get some decent quality sound system and put some bean bags.

  • Library/ Work Space

If reading is your hobby then you should make one little library in your home, where you will keep your treasures. Create the area with some dark burnished wood to give it a classical look. Make sure you have decent lighting. Create a beautiful work station where you can enjoy your lazy evenings while reading in your paradise.

  • Kids Room

Well, everyone is eventually going to have kids someday. However, if you are already having kids or about to have then it is also important to arrange a separate room for your kids. To do that you can use bright and joyful paintings on the walls and ceiling. Most important make sure that the room is child friendly like no sharp edges. This will give your kids a comfortable and cosy feeling.

  • Guest Room

A guest room is very much a desire in every household whether it is for visiting parents, friends or relatives. Mostly, guest rooms these days are pull-out sofa sets in your drawing-room. But if you’re more traditional, you can always set up a pretty little guest room. Have some easily available or recycled furniture thrown in, paint it in a sweet colour, and put some flowers and candles around.

To sum it up, what we are trying to say is everyone wants to have a beautiful house and it is very easy to have a Home Interior Design under 10K – 100K for your house through these small steps.

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