Journalist Visa for UK

How do I get a Journalist UK Visa?


How do I get a Journalist Visa for UK?

For all you ambitious journalists out there, if you need to cover a scoop in the UK, you probably have to face this question at some point in your journey:

How do I get a journalist visa for the UK?

First of all, Journalism as a craft requires you to travel the world and cover events that can be broadcasted to people worldwide. There is nothing like events in the United Kingdom. From the art, literature, vintage lifestyle to The Royal Family, a Journalist would have the best exposure in the UK.

Probably a member of the media such as a journalist would have to go through The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa category for a living and working as an employee of the media and represent the overseas company in the UK and cover live stories.


In order to qualify for an Employee of an Overseas Newspaper, News Agency or Broadcasting Organization visa you will need to satisfy UK Visas and Immigration that you:

    • Are an overseas media employee employed by an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organization;
    • Have been recruited and employed outside of the UK by the employer you intend to represent in the UK;
    • Will be based mainly in the UK and working on a UK long-term assignment;
    • Do not have the intention to take any other employment;
    • Intend to work full-time for the organization, Are  also able to speak English to the required level.
    • Also Can maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependents.


The employer must  have its headquarters and principal place of business outside the UK.

This category is usually used by producers, news cameramen and women, and presenters. While there is no requirement to be the only representative of the media business in the UK. Agencies and other media companies can send multiple overseas representatives at the same time.

Your application would be supported by original evidence showing that you are an employee of a recognized media organization. Furthermore you also need to prove that you are required to undertake UK assignment which is long term in nature as part of your employment.

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